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    Help me Decide on my Tires and Pads for the Track.

    Running G-Loc R-10's in front, R-8's rear; R-12's up front also pairs well. I don't change pads for street use, but I personally don't care about dust and squeel. Fantastic initial bite, modulation, durability...just IMHO
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    Help me Decide on my Tires and Pads for the Track.

    Stock tires give you less grip but more feedback when on the early part of the learning curve. Expensive streeters to burn at the track, however. NT-01's are no question the best drive up tire- fantastic grip and hold up well ; Nitto's are the intermediate step-up to better grip as you exceed...
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    Pass Sound GT350 - Cheap! Easy! Temporary!

    Increase in back pressure sounds like a good reason to spend at least miata money- that suggests that more back pressure is generated by forcing open the exaust valve with plug installed, rather than switching it open with electrical mod- is that true? I get that if I run the whole track "quiet"...
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    "Wrench" warning light

    The tune likely optimizes whp and torque and ignores a bunch of other functions. Plug in your tune hardware, return to stock, and see if it goes away. If it does, JLT propeller heads should interrogate your car ( after you plug it back in and restore tune, reproduce driving conditions, and throw...
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    Pass Sound GT350 - Cheap! Easy! Temporary!

    Yes, read all that. Good stuff. I was just thinking exhaust plugs with a wing nut to install/remove is cheaper than anything else @ 50$..Lots of other expenses to pay to play, so trying to efficiently squeeze out the dollars on other stuff. Is there a part # or size to order up, or just call...
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    Pass Sound GT350 - Cheap! Easy! Temporary!

    Heading to Laguna, lots of homework already done- appreciate the thoughtful work, however.. AWE Switchpath, Grimmspeed's product- these are elegant solutions, but downside is cost and requiring competent install. The_Dead_Cow said : " I pass 96db @ 50' with McMaster high temp plugs in the...
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    GT350/GT4 fiberglass hood vents

    Beautiful work on the hood vent. Is this based on the GT4 vent and therefor aero-tested by Ford Racing? No hood undulating / concerning movement at speed? "Rain Tray" option for wet? My GT350 is asking for one..
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    Pagid RS-29 Brake Pads for the GT350

    Ahhhh, the drilled rotor debacle finally gets a reluctant Ford fix, in the 4th full model year!- I am planning on asking Ford to replace my Drilled rotors BEFORE they show heat cracks, which they will...My first copy of the car ( 3/2016 w/ Trackpack) showed heat cracks in the front rotors BEFORE...
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    Rotatable GT350 Square Wheel-Tire Setup

    John Berget Racing Tires: Family buisness out of Wisconsin, selling tires to racers for 47 years, he mentioned... The website is JB Racing Tires, its never updated with anything, you have to call and see what he has...(Tele. # on the website) If you're running 18's like I can't on the GT350 you...
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    Rotatable GT350 Square Wheel-Tire Setup

    Another Square / Rotatable Set-Up : ( Shameless TMO Plug: Three year student of GT350, I have learned a lot from this Forum's no B.S. advice & info..Thanks, VooDoo Boss et al...) Caliperfexion brake caliper studs (of course) ARP Wheel Studs 25mm Front Spacers from OP Mustang Apex 11" x 19 ET 52...
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    GT350R Engine #3 and the problems continue!

    Surging, hesitating, won't engage cruise control--Sounds like my 2016 GT350 TP last year... First 2 1/2 years trouble free: 20 track days, no oil consumption issues, punished hard. 6/2018-12/2018 Bucking, surging engine not listening to my right foot at 2900-3100RPM, felt especially @ approx...
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    OEM Throttle Body/ TPS for GT350; Part # GR3Z-9E926-A

    Brand new , in box, Throttle Body /TPS for GT 350...Bought it but never installed.. $ 170.- Buyer pays shipping or arrange pick up (Northern CA, near Chico )