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  1. 302BOB

    Happy New Year On The Way

    A New Year and New Decade rolling in soon! Happy New year to everyone!!!!! If you're going out tonite, be careful!!! There will be a lot a amateur party-ers out there as well as LE keeping an eye on things. I'll watch the ball come down from the comforts of my living room...;)
  2. 302BOB

    Anybody waxin their Baby for the summer?

    I have plans to wax my Boss with Mothers wax soon......If I can find it....It's in the garage somewhere!!!!...That Son of mine doesn't help matters................
  3. 302BOB

    Happy 4th of July!!!!

    Couldn't celebrate the 4th without the results of the Nathan's famous hot dog eating contest, now could we? Not much of a surprise with Joey Chestnut winning his 11th title gulping 74 dogs in 10 minutes ( a new record for him). If I eat 2 dogs in 10 mins that's a record for me.
  4. 302BOB

    Mother's Day Tomorrow

    Be sure to remember to give Mom a card with you and your pride and joy's pic included, who ever/ what ever that may be. And maybe even give her a ride in your ride, keep it civil!!!.....unless you know She can handle it otherwise...........:D
  5. 302BOB

    Whose the winner of the AUTO-BLIP CONTEST?

    Do I still have my one second to protest if I didn't win? If the winner was announced somewhere else, sorry for this thread/post.........
  6. 302BOB


    Happy New Year to everybody! I didn't see a thread started for this occasion, so I said what the heck. Zero degrees outside my castle this AM..I can't remember it being this cold ( but that's what global warming is all about I suppose).In any event, I wish everyone a healthful, happy and...
  7. 302BOB

    Just A Reminder............

    Monday, April,17 (tomorrow) is National Ford Mustang Day. Drive em if you got em boys!Also HAPPY EASTER to everyone on this splendid Sunday.
  8. 302BOB

    Oldest Mustang Driver/Owner..My Hero

  9. 302BOB

    Happy Father's Day

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMjqgIZ1_YM TURN IT UP!
  10. 302BOB


    Yesterday I was stopping at a red light and newer SS Camaro was turning in front of me. I rev'd the Boss loud enough for him to hear and after he finished his turn he stomped on it (WOT) leaving a 10 foot burnout (it sounded awesome). My thoughts at the time were (a) was he giving the Boss a...
  11. 302BOB

    Any Memorial plans this weekend?

    Weather should be halfway decent around here for the Holiday Weekend, Monday looking the worst with showers moving in. I hope everyone remembers all our fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom this Holiday weekend. I plan a cookout either today or Sunday...we'll see...take a moment...
  12. 302BOB

    I must be missing something here?

  13. 302BOB

    End Of The Line...for now

    So far this winter, my son and I have been fortunate enough to have been able to take rides together ( him in his FRS & me in the Boss) usually on the weekends, in between snow events.That streak seems to be ending this weekend with 4-6 inches of snow predicted for Sat nite into Sun morning...
  14. 302BOB

    Love my Boss

    But this Hellcat sounds mean too!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nu_O1wH91SA
  15. 302BOB


  16. 302BOB

    worth a look

  17. 302BOB

    2015 Helcat Challenger

    Anybody else hear about the Helcat engine option for the '15 Challenger? It's a step above the SRT8 6.4 475HP Hemi. Supposedly it will be a 6.2 660hp supercharged Hemi starting around $65K. The Challenger still needs to go on a diet to compete with the Mustangs & Camaros.
  18. 302BOB


    While driving home today my Boss developed a loud metal to metal scraping noise. It is not motor related, but movement related IE wheels? In the car it sounds like the driveshaft is dragging the ground but that is not the case. At slow speed it sounds much worse. Anybody have any ideas?
  19. 302BOB

    50th anniversary summary

    Although, I couldn't attend the celebration, I see A LOT of my fellow Mustang owners did make it to the party. Thru pics & videos I can see the vast array of Mustangs that were there, both at Charlotte & Vegas. It makes me proud to own a performance car that's been in the mix for 50 yrs...
  20. 302BOB


    Happy Easter to everyone. Getting ready for sun rise Service in a little while. Weather's going to be nice today.... sunny, highs near 60.