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  1. J

    euro mustang concept cars

    Isn't DTM a silhouette series? Space frame chassis with a CF shell on it?
  2. J

    325’s on the rear for the track?

    Well, there's more to it than just the numbers on the sidewalls. I ran last year with 285/35x19 front, 325/30x19 rear Pirelli Trofeo R's. The 285/35's measured as 305/32.7's and handling was surprisingly good.
  3. J

    S550 front wheel fitment questions.

    When it comes to spacers and racing, this AJ Hartman video has an interesting moment between 20:50 and 21:00 minutes: The spacers you see are the ones with adapter-style lugs. The spacer has its own set of lugs and and is bolted to the hub with the factory lugs and nuts. Conventional...
  4. J

    Pre Season Brake Pad Clearance Sale - G-LOC, Raybestos, AP Racing Fitment

    Pads with 1718 in the part number may well fit stock GT350 rear calipers - check with KNS on that. I've run FMSI D1718 pads on the back of my GT350 before and they fit fine.
  5. J

    Expensive track day screw up (Pagani Huayra and 911 GT2 RS)

    The Porsche driver looks to have either missed his braking point or had a brake failure. Even after dumping a bunch of speed by hitting the other car, he still ended up following the escape road. At the point where the two cars collided, he was pretty much a passenger.
  6. J


    Check these out: https://www.grimmspeed.com/exhaust-valve-simulator/ The way it works is that you unplug the actuators (with the valves closed) and plug in the simulator instead. You don't get any codes and the valves stay shut.
  7. J

    Stoptech 15" rotors and ST60 6 piston caliper questions

    What's your usage scenario? The Stoptechs were very capable, but I never never really compared it with the OEM setup because I had the Stoptechs on hand when I bought the car, so I swapped early on and only used the OEM brakes for winter. I guess I'd say that the Stoptechs are at least as good...
  8. J

    Stoptech 15" rotors and ST60 6 piston caliper questions

    I ran these on my 2014 GT500 for a while. There isn't a lot to say, really, they're brakes and they worked as advertised. I actually had two sets of caliper brackets and I could run them with 355 rotors for 18" rims or 380 rotors with 19's. OEM front wheels fit over them just fine, as I...
  9. J

    U tube Engine issues

    Is there any indication that the oil consumption problems are more common in any particular model year?
  10. J

    2020+ GT500 Carbon Ceramic Brakes - update

    I thought I'd update this thread. It looks like RB has gone all-in on the new GT500. Here's what's up on there now: Carbon Ceramic direct-fit rotor kits - front and rear listed - saves 23 pounds per side on the front and 9.1 pounds per side at the rear. That's a hair over 64 pounds in total...
  11. J

    GT350 Front Brake Pad Replacement Tips

    I've had stainless studs on most of the BBK's I've had and they do corrode, it's just not rust in the usual sense. It's white and powdery instead. I have the black steel ones and I pull them out when I change pads and wipe them down with WD40. They haven't rusted so far.
  12. J

    Wheels have different offsets side to side

    To give you an idea of how deep the mounting section should be, if you measure outward from the inside of the rim, the straight part of a mounting hole in a factory aluminum rim is 10mm. That's from the inner mount face to the start of the 60 degree cone-shaped recess that the lug nut sits in...
  13. J

    Do we get many Russian members participating?

    They're all over on SVTP posting in the politics section...
  14. J

    Wheels have different offsets side to side

    If you want to equalize them, then run a spacer. Milling the wheel center weakens the wheel and that's not a good thing.
  15. J

    Forum Upgrade Complete - Report Issues Here

    Well something has changed somewhere for the better - borders are mostly gone inside thread lists and number of threads per page is up to around 20, just like the other forums. It's possible that I was just looking at it wrong, or it could be that the forum software has some kind of automated...
  16. J

    Forum Upgrade Complete - Report Issues Here

    It's now full width, which is better, but it's still making poor use of screen real estate. If I go to M6G and look at a list of threads under a major forum heading, I get 20 threads visible on the screen at a time. On TMO, there's so much white space and border that I only see 11. Last...
  17. J

    Forum Upgrade Complete - Report Issues Here

    Default screen layout on my 4k 32" monitor is a mostly empty waste of space. All the content is in a narrow column in the middle of the screen. The layout seems to be optimized for mobile, which is fine for mobile but it's crap for a computer screen. Fix this or I'll leave.
  18. J

    Rolex 24

    Of course it's a bit of a mystery why there's BOP in the first place. I know that it's all about equalizing the cars so the drivers are more important to success, but real competition starts at the drawing board, not the pit wall. Dumping BOP and implementing budget limits and safety rules...
  19. J

    Rotor air gap - anyone checked various models?

    There are a lot of factors in this - it's complicated. There are four main things to think about: Part one - the lighter the rotor, the more the rotor temperature rises from the start of the braking zone to the end of the braking zone. Part two - the easiest way to make a rotor lighter is to...
  20. J

    Upcoming Forum Software Upgrade - FYI

    The discussion that's happening here is indicative of a healthy forum group. Nobody's picking fights. I was on this forum for a long time before I even realized there was a Like function, and then later I realized that I was within a few Likes of having the same number of Likes as I had posts...