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  1. VoodooBoss

    Forum Upgrade Complete - Report Issues Here

    Lots to like with the new software and I especially like how vendor ads scroll on mobile. One thing I miss is the “New Posts” button at the top of all pages. I’ve found the other ways to use it but they all require at least two clicks to get there. The Watch/Unwatch button is at the top of...
  2. VoodooBoss

    Do we get many Russian members participating?

    No. I deleted all of them. You can include India on that list too.
  3. VoodooBoss

    Ford GT mk2

    How could I forget the most Bad Ass Mustang track car ever? That’s impressive. I expected the GT3 to be faster. I suspect they are close though.
  4. VoodooBoss

    Ford GT mk2

    What we really want to know is how the MK II compares to your other "track toys" like your 488 GT3, 458 CH, Senna, 599 XX and FXX K. Did I miss any?
  5. VoodooBoss

    Member Introductions - Introduce Yourself

    Chris, welcome to TMO. While the idea of adding GT350 brakes sounds like a great idea they are very heavy and there might be better options. Like installing the PP brakes. Check out this thread. https://trackmustangsonline.com/threads/huge-brake-upgrade-for-s197-chassis.11867/
  6. VoodooBoss

    Ford GT mk2

    Wow that sounds great. The quality of your video is excellent. What camera are you using?
  7. VoodooBoss

    Paul Walker's Boss 302S Auction

    Thanks for the rest of the story. Do you know what happened to the car he sold to Roger? Or Rogers car that he crashed? The one Paul drove and sold to Roger would be the more desirable car in my mind. @mwilson7 Hows the GT4 doing?
  8. VoodooBoss

    Paul Walker's Boss 302S Auction

    I’m pretty sure he had another 302S that he and Roger raced. This is clearly not it. It would be more valuable if he raced and and won. Like Bills 302 S. :p
  9. VoodooBoss

    Kohr moving to Aston Martin

    Dean posted this on FB.
  10. VoodooBoss

    TMO T-Shirt 3.1 Order Instructions

    I thought I gave you more than one. ;)
  11. VoodooBoss

    Paul Walker's Boss 302S Auction

    After he passed I wondered if this car would go up for sale. Took a while. Will be interesting to see what it goes for.
  12. VoodooBoss

    Ford GT mk2

    Looking good. Still taking it out this weekend? Do you have any build pics to share?
  13. VoodooBoss

    TMO T-Shirt 3.1 Order Instructions

    I'm pretty sure he has more.
  14. VoodooBoss

    DOW 23,000+ today?

    While a pull back is possible I don't see one that large. We are nowhere near the conditions that we had leading into the financial crisis. I see very little headwind for 2020 other than a possible geopolitical event this year. An event in South America is possible.
  15. VoodooBoss

    Upcoming Forum Software Upgrade - FYI

    It's basically what Facebook uses.
  16. VoodooBoss

    GT500 Base OEM Wheel Weights

    That's a nice and noticeable weight savings right there.
  17. VoodooBoss

    DOW 23,000+ today?

    I like it. ;)
  18. VoodooBoss

    DOW 23,000+ today?

    DOW 30,000 by Valentines Day or the end of earnings season.