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  1. blacksheep-1

    Which road course slicks would you track with?

    OK, here you go...I was going to respond to this when they did the makeover. A couple of things to keep in mind that never change.. "old tracks need new tires, new tracks need old tires" if you are running old tires on an old track, you will never get the optimum performance out of that car. 18...
  2. blacksheep-1

    A and B Pillar connections to RR Cage?

    gussets.. one thing to keep in mind is that many places will not allow you to use chromoly tubing because guys have welded on it and had issues with them coming apart, IF..IF you can use chromoly you can use a thinner tubing or smaller diameter to save weight and you will save a ton of it...
  3. blacksheep-1

    tire/wheel stuff from the edge

    I didn't spin it up since it was a discard, but the driver reported no vibration, I can't believe it held up at Sebring..amazing really.
  4. blacksheep-1

    tire/wheel stuff from the edge

    try that with carbon fiber....
  5. blacksheep-1

    tire/wheel stuff from the edge

    so take a look at this tire, it appears that the tire blistered where it normally does, right on the edge of the tread. The tire was covered with clag, so I scraped it out of the way so you could see the issue better. the first thing you would think of is to add pressure or change camber in...
  6. blacksheep-1

    18mm or 20mm rear sway bar users

    what's the rate, the rear springs we use ..as I recall..were under 400lbs
  7. blacksheep-1

    Thinking about picking up a S197 4.6L 3V

    FWIW... https://trackmustangsonline.com/threads/3vs-were-not-dead-yet.14924/
  8. blacksheep-1

    Blacksheep itinerary..January

    Wed Jan 8 @ Sebring is move in day. The 9th is open practice, round robin style so you'll see everything at least once maybe as many as 3 times https://www.sebringraceway.com/news/352-sports-car-club-of-america-presents-the-2020
  9. blacksheep-1

    Blacksheep itinerary..January

    spellcheck is my worst enema
  10. blacksheep-1

    Blacksheep itinerary..January

    not the 500, the Rolex
  11. blacksheep-1

    Blacksheep itinerary..January

    Will be in Miami Homestead Jan 1 through Sunday, the 5th, then Sebring 8th through the 12th, for the SCCA Majors Summer Tour. Stop by and see the cars and talk to the Phoenix guys. Looking for something at Daytona, but I'm still working wounded so I doubt it will happen this year.
  12. blacksheep-1

    track tires

    If you have a tune you can insert the tire size into it for the speedo, a wider tire is usually preferred, even though a taller tire will give you a bigger footprint, there are benefits from keeping a "square" setup, mainly in being able to rotate tires. I've run Nittos on my street stuff, and...
  13. blacksheep-1

    First Suspension upgrades.

    to the OP, I would recommend some decent performance oriented shocks and struts, coil overs..at least decent ones, are north of $4K, and again, I recommend Ford Performance, but whatever you do, try to source everything from one place. IF you don't have a lot of experience, take that car to...
  14. blacksheep-1

    Help me with a wheels/gt500 rear rotors/spacer/front brakes dilema

    because the rear of the car unloads and it can lead to brake lockup, this is why, in the rain, a lot of guys crank in more front bias, then brake in a straight line, and then turn the car. With regards to the anti lock module, I have no idea, I don't think any of the cars that I'm familiar with...
  15. blacksheep-1

    New guy needs help.Suspension questions

    Actually, you really don't need anything except to find out why the car is bottoming, which I suspect is because you need to cut or replace the bump stops on the rear end. I always recommend one of the Ford Racing track packs for that car ,they make 2, one is a bit more harsh and has adjustable...
  16. blacksheep-1

    track tires

    Assuming you are running slicks, then there are plenty of 18 inch take offs from Hoosier, Pirelli and now Michelin available, I'd try to run a 305 on a 10.5 inch wheel..maybe an 11 if you can sneak it under the fender lip. 315 are probably a bit too wide, but they can be done, it just takes some...
  17. blacksheep-1

    Help me with a wheels/gt500 rear rotors/spacer/front brakes dilema

    Go drive the car, just be careful, then figure out what size front brakes you need to accommodate the rears. Keep in mind you'll prolly be hosing up the anti lock criteria and until you install the fronts, the car will be tail happy on trail braking, and prolly undriveable in the rain. With...
  18. blacksheep-1

    Cheap Rotors are Best Rotors - Change my Mind (Raybestos R-Line vs other rotors)

    Good advice, we use AP super 600 it's relatively inexpensive so we don't sweat bleeding it often, also we are Hawk people, but the fact is, you really can't over maintain your brakes, when we go to the races we carry a stack of broken in, matched rotors and pads and over a 5 day race weekend...
  19. blacksheep-1

    Vorshlag off my Xmas List

    need to find a Gallivan head for that T
  20. blacksheep-1

    Vorshlag off my Xmas List

    the thing I remember about LS engine sis that IMSA (then Grand Am) had to carve out a rule that allowed them to run a dry sump because their oil scavenging was so bad that they couldn't last a race 2 more choices 4 cam LS big Ford that you can boost to eternity