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  1. byronj

    Paul Walker's Boss 302S Auction

    Impressive, but his M3 collection.. WOW.
  2. byronj

    Kids launches GT350 into garage wall

    @302BOB i don’t have the kid issue but when someone stays at my house to watch my dogs I always take all of my keys with me. The other half thinks I’m crazy till I show her videos like these.
  3. byronj

    Kids launches GT350 into garage wall

    I wonder if he is on TMO?
  4. byronj

    Lap Time Thread

    Awesome improvement, can't wait to see what you do once you have it all dialed in. When are you going to Sonoma again?
  5. byronj

    New server move complete

    I haven't received any emails notification either but i am OK with that. Its just one less thing I need to pay attention to and will get to it when I get on the site. :D
  6. byronj

    Favorite way to compress a McPherson strut?

    FWIW- I only buy HF tools to break them. I consider that my disposable tool store. If you're doing one and done job then do it and don't expect much from the HF tool afterwards. If you plan on using them on a regular basis buy something that is known to last. But I must say, I did buy a set of...
  7. byronj

    Can you run higher offset rear wheels on GT350R without rubbing inboard?

    Because there are not that many GT500 owners out there and the ones that do have it are too busy driving their car. Think about how many new questions arose when the GT350 came out and how little data there was for the first few months.
  8. byronj

    1-2-3-4, I declare pad war! ST43, Carbotech XP??, DTC70, etc

    @ArizonaBOSS valid point. I read this just because I wanted to see how similar it it to the "WHAT OIL YOU RUNNING" threads.
  9. byronj

    Shipping a rear seat

    @yotah1 Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I could just box up the belts and and send the seat your way.
  10. byronj

    Shipping a rear seat

    Has anyone shipped a rear seat? If so where did you locate a box to accommodate that? TIA
  11. byronj

    2020 GT500 VS Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS

    @flyhalf THE GIRL (YUMMY) Back to reality. I agree with you. Car is great looking and in the tests it seems like a potent track weapon. But how many times has it done a 20-25 min session with a fast driver? The GT3RS is already a proven track weapon many times over. Let's just sit back and see...
  12. byronj

    Verus Diffuser

    Whats the lag on updates and delivery here? Verus began production on these November 11th, and are expected to be done Christmas week. Now that the group buy has closed I will be sending out reminders to complete the final payment on these. Verus will be charging my card for the total cost...
  13. byronj

    Wheels Of Fortune: Signature Wheels

    Nice set up. Im always scared to lift my car like that especially with new hardware.
  14. byronj

    Fords carbon fiber wheel ??

    @VoodooBoss , the reverse logic guide does work on stock wheels, not sure about the CF ones. Most aftermarket wheels have a tighter tolerance. Nice tools but sucks we can’t use them on aftermarket wheels. Unless you want to ream out the lug bore.
  15. byronj

    What to do for a 2012 LS splitter replacement now?

    This might help out. You’ll probably have to reach out to the OP for pics though. https://trackmustangsonline.com/threads/homemade-front-splitter.6015/
  16. byronj

    Boss 302 beginner modifications

    What’s your plans? Spirited driving, auto cross, HPDE, etc? Where do you want to end up? Is budget an issue? I can tell you from experience, I went to a full coilovers set up and I absolute hated my car on the streets. When I pushed it hard it felt better, but I never go to track that actual...
  17. byronj

    Happy New Year On The Way

    Happy New Year to all.
  18. byronj

    GLoc GS1 pad install upgrade or down grade

    Thanks For the data Norm. Overall I’m extremely happy with the R12/10 set up on the track. The GS1 on the street work fine it just took a little getting used to. I think I might actually prefer them on the street over the factory pads.
  19. byronj

    New guy needs help.Suspension questions

    Id recommend you start with Boss 302 shock/ struts, Ford P springs, CC plates, a pan-hard bar and maybe LCAs. It's not very expensive and might get you where you want to be. You might even find the stuff FS here in the classifieds. Oh read the post above mine. And 99% of the guys on TMO sell...