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  1. TymeSlayer

    WTB - Stock fabric front seats (non-Recaro's)

    Yep. Thanks for the Recaros @KBBOSS1086 - They're working just fine for me. I have my cloth seats stored in the basement right next to the rear seats I removed. Since 90% of my tyme is on the track these days, the Recaros work perfect for me.
  2. TymeSlayer

    GT350 Front Brake Pad Replacement Tips

    Most stainless steel is 300 series with contains little to no iron but is relatively soft. 4140 and 4340 steel is stronger, especially if heat treated but you will lose corrosion resistance and they will rust.
  3. TymeSlayer

    2020 Mustang Roundup , the 10th Anniversary

    You're too thoughtful @yotah1. Even though three quarters of my wife's family lives in central Nebraska, she'll stay home and catalog all of my Mustang take-off parts and fasteners.
  4. TymeSlayer

    2020 Mustang Roundup , the 10th Anniversary

    Bob, er I mean Jake... Start a gofundme page so we can get your butt out of the freindly confines of Connecticut and out to where the state logo is "Honest mister, I was just helping your sheep over the fence." You making the trip would make the event EPIC this year.
  5. TymeSlayer

    Gen1 The Metal Maiden

    Awesome car and my favorite year Boss 302! Mine was Acapulco Blue with the black reflective stripe. There wasn't a thing on it you couldn't work on in your driveway. And they made less than 1700 of this MY and to have one is quite special. Congrats!
  6. TymeSlayer

    2020 Mustang Roundup , the 10th Anniversary

    Not sure I can remember the last tyme someone rejected me trying to give them money! Not worried though, George will make things right.
  7. TymeSlayer

    Forum Upgrade Complete - Report Issues Here

    🗣👨‍🦲 < Either one of these might be good for Bill 🤪
  8. TymeSlayer

    Post Whoring 7 - 2020

    Even though I'm old, I'm not sure what a "paper in the driveway" is. Perhaps with a little work, you can train this to fetch your paper for you. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/nation-world/charmin-rollbot-toilet-paper-fetcher-ces/507-c49ecd12-c010-4a34-876e-5f5d67240ec0
  9. TymeSlayer

    Forum Upgrade Complete - Report Issues Here

    Tracy is correct. Something are best left untranslated.
  10. TymeSlayer

    2020 Mustang Roundup , the 10th Anniversary

    Glad to know it's not just me.
  11. Kona Blue Sweet Lorraine

    Road Race Kona Blue Sweet Lorraine

  12. TymeSlayer

    2020 Mustang Roundup , the 10th Anniversary

    This'll be my third year and it's great to meet so many other TMOers in Hastings. It seems to get bigger and better every year. And although one of the unofficial hosts talks a lot, tells third grade corn-infested jokes in broken German and has an uncanny ability to get others to work on his...
  13. TymeSlayer

    Wheels have different offsets side to side

    I can't believe they'd do that without notification.
  14. TymeSlayer

    Member Cars section now open

    I've tried loading up a picture of my car but all I get is the file name with a line through it and it's not taking. Could it be there's is a file size max? @Ludachris - my build thread is here: https://trackmustangsonline.com/threads/transformation-of-sweet-lorraine.14410/
  15. TymeSlayer

    What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Can't wait to read up on your changes and see how she performs on the dyno. Going to the DIY shop to get the car up in the air this Saturday to finally put on the one-piece DSS CF driveshaft and put on my BMR adjustable sway bar end links. While I'm under there, plan on lubing her up and...
  16. TymeSlayer

    Forum Upgrade Complete - Report Issues Here

    Can you fix it so that no-one can write in third person?
  17. TymeSlayer

    2012 Boss 302 Mustang for sale 8573 miles

    Good looking car even though it's white. The car looks immaculate! GLWS.
  18. TymeSlayer

    Post Whoring 7 - 2020

    Will watch you work while I eat brats!
  19. TymeSlayer

    Which road course slicks would you track with?

    Welcome aboard Harry. You'll love the info these boys will share. I can't help you because I haven't graduated up to slicks yet.
  20. TymeSlayer

    Bob's Ton of Posts!

    Consider yourself lucky Bob. Here in the Rockies, it starts out snow and ends in snow. None of this silly fade to rain stuff.