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  1. JDee

    Ryan Newman Injury

    Didn't they do a joint promo once with WWF at a race where they had a ring set up and wrestling bouts were taking place? It might have not been WWwhatever back then, but I am sure they did.
  2. JDee

    Aston Martin cancels Le Mans Valkyrie hypercar program

    Have to agree. Love the concept of GT4 racing, those are real cars that Joe Average can likely afford, or at least realistically aspire to afford. At least some of them are (looking at you, Mustang and Camaro), the McLarens, Audi R8s and their ilk, not so much.....
  3. JDee

    How Do You Use Harness on Cars with Airbags?

    Awesome BB! Just went out and had a look, passenger side is bog simple, driver's side is mounted vertical on my car and a little difficult to get but still doable with a long enough finger or with a short screwdriver for those with shorter digits. Good info on the side curtains units as well...
  4. JDee

    How Do You Use Harness on Cars with Airbags?

    I'm about to head down this road too, does anyone have the answer to this question? How do you disable the airbags? Is it as simple as pulling a fuse? If so, which one? I am going to sell my Recaro seats, so not worried about those ones, but how many other airbags are there? I am guessing...
  5. JDee

    Aston Martin cancels Le Mans Valkyrie hypercar program

    Hypercar seemed doomed from the minute they broke cover with it. There was zero OEM interest it from the big players and that said lots. Hopefully both sides of the Atlantic will embrace DPi 2.0 and we'll start to see more interest in endurance racing with a unified global series. At least...
  6. JDee

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Race Course Universe!!

    Have been thinking about that one Bill. Maybe @carver and I could convoy down? Bit of a long haul, 1216 miles from my door, would be nice to have traveling partners.
  7. JDee

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Race Course Universe!!

    Mosport more times than I can count... Shannonville - all layouts Mont Tremblant full Calabogie full Watkins Glen full Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at Montreal (opener for the F1 race in 1991 or so) Ice racing circuits, 1 temporary road course type at Minden and 1 flat and 1 banked oval near...
  8. JDee

    Hailie Deegan to drive for Ford Performance

    I watched it live, it was a wreckfest. The hook Deegan laid on Hiers that put him head on into the outside wall in a rather big scary way isn't going to make her a favorite in some people's books.
  9. JDee

    Brake Cooling Idea?

    Given that my 3" hoses spend most of their time being flattened out I can see where the deflector in combination with the proper splitter ducting would work better and be lighter and simpler.
  10. JDee


    Yeah, it's a big problem at that track, the sound meter alarm goes off in the local police station and they come over to issue tickets to the offender, who is also stood down for the day. The only warning you get is at the drivers meeting, ignore it at your peril. And they don't tell you where...
  11. JDee

    Diff Temp Without Sensor?

    Wrapping the exhaust made a big difference for me, haven't had an axle overheat warning since I did that and I was getting them regularly before then, on a hot day I could barely get 20 minutes in. That plus I have a small battery powered fan I aim at the diff between sessions.
  12. JDee

    MT82 Ford Transmision cooler?

    I keep thinking that ultimately a Tremec transplant is the only way out, but so far the MT82 is hanging in there, though for how long it will I have no clue! Other than long tubes I have no plans to increase power so maybe it will live a while yet. If you do a cooler please document it and let...
  13. JDee

    MT82 Ford Transmision cooler?

    Running 20 min sessions in the evening when it's cooler is probably not going to build a massive amount of heat. Running 20 min sessions and sometimes 30 min during the heat of the day doesn't result in any change in shifting in my car. You might want to make sure you're running the best trans...
  14. JDee

    Ford Extended Service Plan Anyone?

    Is this a US thing only? My warranty ran out last fall, I only found out because dealers near me started sending me offers to sell me a new 'stang and take my old, worn out and dangerously out of warranty car on trade. But nowhere in any of this did they mention extended warranty. Not sure...
  15. JDee

    Boss 302R and 302S registration thread.

    I just spectate that weekend though they have a lapping day/test day on the Thursday and it has a run group for race cars and one for street cars, so it's kind of a nice way to rub elbows with the Historics guys.
  16. JDee

    Boss 302R and 302S registration thread.

    Cool! Ever do the VARAC Vintage Grand Prix weekend at Mosport in spring? It's a pretty big deal, brings in a pile of cars.
  17. JDee

    S550 Pumpkin GT

    Yes, good to hearJason. I read through all the testing on Vorshlag's website and decided to give it a try. Even with 3" hoses I continually have trouble with them getting crushed. Mine should be here Friday.
  18. JDee

    Boss 302R and 302S registration thread.

    Welcome fellow Canuck to the forum, best place for around hard nuts info on tracking your 'stang. I'm guessing you run at AMP? Ever head west to ON/QC for track time?
  19. JDee

    S550 Pumpkin GT

    Love that! We all were there at one time or another, but it's the smart ones that admit it. Some of us failed that test and that just lengthened the learning curve!! Car looks great and you look like you're on the right track with mods.
  20. JDee

    S550 2016 PP1 track day car

    Hi carver, I'm not a fan of moving the battery back due to added cable length which may negate a lot of the weight savings. It will place the weight better, but not likely remove any. Not sure you'd get away with a battery in the passenger compartment if any tech guy bothered to look. Pretty...