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  1. ChrisM

    Sent It In The GT500 & GT350R

    That green on white is unmitigated awesome.
  2. ChrisM

    3Vs...We're Not Dead Yet!

    I suspect it'll be identical. Weight distribution and suspension setup is largely the same for both cars despite the power differences.
  3. ChrisM

    New TMO Shirt Designs Coming Soon

    Sweet, just ordered some for the wife and I.
  4. ChrisM

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Race Course Universe!!

    Streets of Willow (2-3 times) Lime Rock Park (twice) Thompson (2-3) NJMP - Lightning (twice) Palmer (2-3) Lime Rock Park is gorgeous in the fall but that little bump after coming over the hill will ruin your day if you don't know how to be ready for it. Palmer...I hated Palmer even though I...
  5. ChrisM

    What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Hell yeah man, congrats. That's a very liberating feeling!
  6. ChrisM

    boardkat's Optima/TT/AutoX Build

    That quick release mounting is genius...
  7. ChrisM

    S197 Grocery getter

    10-12 continues to be my favorite body style. Beautiful car and glad to see you're out flogging it!
  8. ChrisM

    Post Whoring 7 - 2020

    Today I learned that car window locks are my kryptonite. Couple weeks ago my front passenger got stuck down. Took it in today to get it looked at because I'm lazy. A couple hours later the mechanic calls and says "yeah...your window lock was on. We won't charge you for it." Laughing the...
  9. ChrisM

    New TMO Shirt Designs Coming Soon

    I'll take two of everything. :)
  10. ChrisM

    FoxBody Wide Body Fox

  11. ChrisM

    Hard to believe, 10 years with Phoenix Performance....

    Man that is so awesome and they are lucky to have you as part of the team. It's easy to see why teamwork is so essential! Just thinking about tire pressures, which many people never spend time on, took one person's whole career! Great work Rob and glad to have you here sharing that knowledge!
  12. ChrisM

    A Map of Road Courses Around the World

    I've been trying to visit Fuji Speedway since I've been here but damn if it isn't hard to get tickets when I can't read the language...
  13. ChrisM

    I'm creating a Resources page

    Neat! I was going to say it may not be necessary as I wonder if you run the risk of creating too many subcategories, but it looks good!
  14. ChrisM

    I'm creating a Resources page

    Well, I've already aggregated as many 3v-relevant threads as I could find into one list (see my sig). I don't know if that's the kind of thing you're looking for since it's already been stickied.
  15. ChrisM

    S197 3V Boone's BBB '05 GT Optima & CAM Build

    I'd give some heavy consideration to #2. It seems like the most cost-effective and since you're adding FI, you'll want to save the weight versus the iron block I think. I don't know what the most reliable solution would be though. Sorry this is such a mess man. It's kind of easy to see why...
  16. ChrisM

    S197 3V 2008 Bullitt Mustang # 4305

    Oh hell yeah, that thing is beautiful. Welcome to the 3v TMO Team.
  17. ChrisM

    TMO T-Shirt 3.1 Order Instructions

    Somebody buy these things. My wife has been bugging me to a get a small for her. 😂
  18. ChrisM

    Watts Link and Shock/Strut Upgrade Question

    What I'm trying to say, and I think Blacksheep is as well, is that if you get one of the kits mentioned, you don't need to worry about any of what you're asking. The parts will all play nice together and are known improvements.
  19. ChrisM

    Call to action from SEMA for the RPM Act

    I keep seeing this line or something like it: "...regulating emission controls on vehicles used solely for competition..." I read these responses to mean that they'll make a carve-out for converting regular street cars into non-street legal race cars whose sole purpose is to compete. They'll...
  20. ChrisM

    S197 3V 2007 Mustang GT

    Holy cow, what kind of forum voodoo is this? Merging build threads? This is awesome but I really need to fix those Photobucket pics...