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  1. smallblock

    S197 40 Grit Design’s steed

    This is the Build Thread for 40 Grit Design’s steed. Reply below.
  2. 40 Grit Design’s steed

    HPDE/Track 40 Grit Design’s steed

  3. smallblock

    What to do for a 2012 LS splitter replacement now?

    These splitters are available for 2010-2012 Mustangs in both carbon fiber and fiberglass @ 40gritdesign.com/shop . It was designed with input from OEM aerodynamicist engineers. The sandwiched foam core construction results in a low, lightweight splitter while durable enough for competition use...
  4. smallblock

    WTB '12 LS splitter & other things

    If you are looking for a vastly superior splitter to the plastic FRPP, have a look at 40 Grit Design Inc. offerings: https://www.40gritdesign.com/shop
  5. smallblock

    WTB '12 LS splitter & other things

    I have a FRPP race splitter for sale: https://trackmustangsonline.com/threads/2010-2012-mustang-boss-frpp-splitter.13984/
  6. smallblock

    Lap Time Thread

    After being shutout last year, this season I was able to knock some time off my previous P.B. with a 1:24.4. Hopefully the video starts in the correct spot 13:00ish, it was the last complete hot lap of the session Untitled by smallblock, on Flickr
  7. smallblock

    Lap Time Thread

    New P.B. at Waterford Hills on Pirelli DH slicks: Untitled by smallblock, on Flickr
  8. smallblock

    More Power!

    Am I safe in assuming that this is the blue line is tune only, and the red line is after adding LTs, CJ and the twin 65? No, they are both LT's and CJ, the blue was just the first pull on dyno before tune was optimized. Red is the final tune. The other pic of the computer screen is completely...
  9. smallblock

    More Power!

    Long tubes and CobraJet intake will be perfect for you. I made big power gains from about 4700rpm to redline, exactly where I live at the track. Even if you shut it down at 7000 you are still further ahead. Below are my dynos before and after. This is with a conservative set-up: BBK 1 3/4" long...
  10. smallblock

    Lap Time Thread

    New PB @ Waterford Hills on Pirelli DH slicks: 1:14.5 Untitled by smallblock, on Flickr
  11. smallblock

    Track Time Videos

  12. smallblock

    Pics of your Boss 302 or S197 Mustang at the track!

    Untitled by smallblock, on Flickr
  13. smallblock

    Used slick mounting question

    I have flipped them without any perceptible difference. Maybe @blacksheep-1 can chime in.
  14. smallblock

    15" S550 6 Piston Brembo Upgrade Parts List

    Those are the correct caliper part numbers. It wasn't listed as a re-manufactured caliper when I bought mine and the price has dropped slightly. If I had to guess, the calipers were too new when I bought mine to have reman stock but have since changed status. That being said, I think you can...
  15. smallblock

    What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Thanks. I had all the parts custom wrapped at Top Notch Upholstery in Livonia MI. The wheel is a Boss, but re-threaded with white thread.
  16. smallblock

    E Brake Handle

    Yup just bang it off like I described I’m sure it’s no difference 197 to S550. I am talking about the leather wrapped plastic piece that you wrap your hand around and pull up to engage the brake. It just friction fits over the steel arm
  17. smallblock

    Track car build

    what shop is it?
  18. smallblock

    Track car build

    What shop is this?
  19. smallblock

    What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Installed custom wrapped alcantara touchpoints Untitled by smallblock, on Flickr
  20. smallblock

    E Brake Handle

    I just took the handle off the e-brake on my 2011 and replaced it after wrapping it in alcantara. I placed the end of a large socket where the boot attaches and banged it off with a mallet. its held on by "teeth" on the steel frame inside the handle. Shouldn't be any different with your '15