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  1. Speedboosted

    Lap Time Thread

    Small update. Went back to Thunderhill and knocked a couple seconds off the 3 mile! Also got to run the 5 mile day two, but the AIM didn't pick it up correctly :/ Speedboosted--2011 Mustang GT/305 Conti/AP Radi-Cal/Watts/MCS- 2:03.5
  2. Speedboosted

    Towing with a F150 4.6 3V???

    It should be okay, just won't be going anywhere quickly. Are the brakes in good condition? Make sure they are solid and other regular maintenance is up to date. Otherwise have at it. Getting an aluminum trailer is great, but most of them I see are like 1100 lbs or so, and my 18' wood deck...
  3. Speedboosted

    Apex Forged wheels

    Mustang and Camaro fitments were never scheduled to be released in the Spring, that was just BMW. Their original ETA was December, so we did miss it, but only by a few months.
  4. Speedboosted

    Lap Time Thread

    Some updates from this past year with the new car. Heading back to Thunderhill next week to try the car out with the new AP/Essex brakes and first time on the 5 mile course. Oregon Raceway Park Speedboosted--2011 Mustang GT/275 NT01/Brembos/Watts/AST- 1:58.1 Thunderhill 3 Mile w/ Cyclone...
  5. Speedboosted

    Wanted... BOSS and/or CJ manifolds

    I know not exactly what is being searched for, but I do have a ported 18 manifold available for $450 plus shipping if you were interested? I've heard they are quite similar to a Boss but without as much torque loss.
  6. Speedboosted

    Tips for shipping wheels and tires

    Greyhound did open up a more "Fedex/UPS like" service a couple years ago to where you have the option of dropping off/picking up at a station, home pickup/dropoff, or a combo of that. If you live near a station it's much cheaper to take them directly there and pickup. Also there's not really a...
  7. Speedboosted

    More Power!

    Like many of us, I am after a little more power from my car if possible. I regularly shift the car anywhere between 6300-6700 rpm on track, but plan to raise that up to 7k at times. The rest of the car is pretty well sorted so really just looking for suggestions on engine parts. What mods will...
  8. Speedboosted

    Complete AST 4150s - S197

    Bump, pictures added to main post and price updated as well. Let's get these gone!
  9. Speedboosted

    Complete AST 4150s - S197

    Sold sold sold
  10. Speedboosted

    Portland OR mustang clubs

    Northwest Mustangs and Fords was a club I used to belong to. Haven't gone much over the last couple years due to school and work but they're a good group of people. Not the typical "car club" crowd either. http://nwmustangsandclassicfords.com/
  11. Speedboosted

    MGW, Brembos, ABS Module, Watts Link, Etc.

    Only have the Innovate Wideband and Aeroforce Interceptor left. Great way to monitor what's going on with the car while on track!
  12. Speedboosted

    MGW, Brembos, ABS Module, Watts Link, Etc.

    Had some luck on CL for a few items, but the stuff that's left goes unappreciated over there. Especially that ABS module, so many questions about what it does...as the saying goes, if you have to ask...
  13. Speedboosted

    MGW, Brembos, ABS Module, Watts Link, Etc.

    Bump, with price drops. Let's get this stuff sold!
  14. Speedboosted

    What did you do to your Boss 302 or S197 today?

    Looking good, much better indeed.
  15. Speedboosted

    MGW, Brembos, ABS Module, Watts Link, Etc.

    You bet! Torsen and Gauge cluster sold!
  16. Speedboosted

    MGW, Brembos, ABS Module, Watts Link, Etc.

    They definitely do not need rebuilt, in great shape. These are the only pictures I have at the moment but can take some tonight if there are any specific angles you'd like to see?
  17. Speedboosted

    MGW, Brembos, ABS Module, Watts Link, Etc.

    Watts link, tow hook, sway bars, and steering wheel are sold.