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    my 99 , 35th anniversary car for sale

    Where are you located? I assume Tampa region?
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    2006 Mustang GT

    Where are you moving to? Will you be bringing the car with you, or is this for sale locally in CA?
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    More Power!

    That's interesting, and good to know. Most of the comparisons you only see the CJ gaining after 6500 or so and the only reason you see gains is because the stock manifold drops like a rock while the CJ keeps power flat. And LTs gain a little bit across the board but nothing crazy. You gained a...
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    More Power!

    Am I safe in assuming that this is the blue line is tune only, and the red line is after adding LTs, CJ and the twin 65?
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    More Power!

    CJ is a waste of time if you don't plan on ever spinning past 7k. This intake is meant to be spun to 77-8000rpm not for mid range power. LTs won't gain you that much over the existing ORX, so doing this mod depends on how much hp/$ you are comfortable with. Honestly, not much will gain you...
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    2020 GT500 vs ZL1 1LE

    Depends on what type of suspension will be in the GT500. If it's track worthy stuff like the DSSV shocks, then the GT500 will eat it for breakfast. If it's just the regular Magride stuff, I would imagine it's more of a competitor to the plain ZL1.
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    S550 Mishimoto oil cooler

    Have a brand new never installed Mishimoto oil cooler for the S500 Mustang (15+). The kit is complete as it came from Mishimoto including a 180* thermostat in the billet adapter. Asking $450
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    Engine cooling

    So you think that a big oil cooler will block alot of the airflow to the radiator and since its the stock one it will be negatively affected?
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    Engine cooling

    That's interesting, I didn't know that the OEM cooler had that much capacity. On my old car I had a 13x8x2 stacked plate brick and it was only rated at 37k BTU and that was a decent size. Anyway, the radiators I am looking at are either the Fluidyne 3 row or the 302S (M-3005-MGT). Both I...
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    Engine cooling

    What would be a better overall cooling solution for the engine? Keep the stock w2w oil cooler and get a beefy radiator? Or keep the stock rad but replace the oem oil cooler with an a2w brick? Edit: 2012 track pack GT One more thing, I know there are other options, but curious which is better...
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    18x10 BBS Boss 302R wheels and 18x10 Team Dynamics Wheels for sale

    Do you still have the TD wheels? Where in Mass are you located? I'm in central so could possibly pick up.
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    How To Find a Used 550 w/PP2

    Not to throw a wrench in your plans, but what is it about the PP2 specifically that you want that you otherwise can't achieve the same out of a PP1? The PP2 has wheels/tires, a more aggressive magride tune and the splitter. All easy upgrades to a PP1 and for less. Unless you want the PP2 for...
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    PP2 wheels and tire takeoffs

    Still have these? Do you happen to know the weights?
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    Shop Recommendation Southeastern Massachusetts

    That's the same place, but you're looking at Roto-Fab intakes which I don't think are for Fords. Anyway, their main page is all about Mustangs. https://juggernautpower.com/#
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    Shop Recommendation Southeastern Massachusetts

    They definitely do Ford stuff, I actually inquired to them about an engine build/swap on Gen2 Coyote. In fact, I think they are mainly a Ford shop based on the many pictures of S550s and S197s Are you looking at the right page? I think they are near Hartford. https://juggernautpower.com/#
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    Shop Recommendation Southeastern Massachusetts

    Dez Racing or SMG Motoring are southwards. Others in the area are Juggernaut Power in CT and Enhanced Street Performance central Mass. Also take a look at Tasca Mod Shop in RI, I know they do alot of FP stuff.
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    Auto Blip

    I've used it on the street, but only during spirited back road driving (basically a watered down version of track driving). Just like on track, it works well for that but otherwise I leave it off when driving normally which is 99% of the time on the street.