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  1. RaiderJatt02

    Shelby National Convention - Sonoma Raceway - August 3-5, 2018 - SAAC #43

    I don't remember seeing a thread about this before but, is anyone going to the Shelby Nationals at Sonoma Raceway next weekend? http://saac43.com/ I'll be there Friday to watch and I'll be doing the open track on Sat and Sun. Who else will be there?
  2. RaiderJatt02

    Norcal SAAC Fall Classic at Thunderhill Raceway (October 15-16, 2016)

    I just signed up for Saturday, 10/15/2016. Are any of you guys gonna be there? http://www.norcal-saac.org/fallclassic/
  3. RaiderJatt02

    My first track day - Sonoma Raceway - Shelby Mini-Nats 31

    What's up guys/gals. I just got done with my first (kind of) track day and I think I'm hooked. It was technically my second time on a track but this was the first time I took my own car out. The only other time before this was the Track Attack in Utah. I was in the Yellow/Novice group and this...