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  1. mattlqx

    GT 500 at 10K over .......but here is the rest of the story.

    GT350R packages changed for MY2019. They no longer based as a "stripper" w/ no radio or A/C with an optional electronics package to add it back in. Due to low uptake I'm sure, they now all come standard with those items. I think that text in the image is unrevised carryover from MY2018 or prior.
  2. mattlqx

    2020 GT500 VS Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS

    It's nice to see Camissa back to doing Motortrend style videos again in any case.
  3. mattlqx

    BBY Racing 2020 GT500 Build

    Man, I haven't seen an iOS with the signal dots in a long time. :D (Dedicated to the scales probably.) Nice color!
  4. mattlqx

    Racing School

    I'd definitely stick with the type of car you intend to run despite how attractive an experience in a single-seater maybe. You'll get more lessons that will directly translate to what you're running. Either way would be fun but, IMO condensed experience at a school is less valuable than just...
  5. mattlqx

    TMO Leadership Change

    Definitely the second year of production. ;) Thanks for all the work you put in building the community! I'm sure it will continue to just as strongly under Chris' hands.
  6. mattlqx

    I believe I had Planted S197 adapter plate and angled side brackets w/ Sparco sliders. The...

    I believe I had Planted S197 adapter plate and angled side brackets w/ Sparco sliders. The harness angle was fine coming through the rear with the Watson roll bar. Maybe 10 degrees or less. Definitely on the Hans. On that particular seat, the top of my shoulders were within an inch or so of the...
  7. mattlqx

    2013 BOSS 302 Forsale $28k

    This is a great deal... pondering it.
  8. mattlqx

    Sparco Ergo II Race Seat & 6 point harness

    Yeah, it'd be expensive though, probably $100+ but I can get a quote if you're interested.
  9. mattlqx

    Captdistraction's ST2/GTR build thread

    Nobody deserves it more! Here's to the start of another great season next month. (To both of you ;))
  10. mattlqx

    Sparco Ergo II Race Seat & 6 point harness

    Everything is sold! Chandler, AZ Sparco Ergo II GrpTech containment (halo) racing seat. Seat used as passenger seat for a car always stored indoors. Never sat in on track I don’t think. Really good condition, fabric is perfect. Sep 2013 mfg. $600 SOLD Planted Offset Side Mount brackets. $50...
  11. mattlqx

    F-150 Coyote Maintenance

    Not strictly a "track car" but my truck hauls my track cars to events! I'm not sure exactly how the Coyote in the F-150 differs from the Mustang's Coyote, but I was just wondering how much maintenance these need in higher mileage. I'm just a day or two away from turning over 100,000 miles in my...
  12. mattlqx

    mattlqx's Dual-Duty Shelby GT350

    Yeah, unbolted at the lid. There's only 4 nuts. I didn't mess with the hinge assembly at all. That would be much harder to align and bolt alone. Yeah, long gone but I'm still subscribed to this.
  13. mattlqx

    Captdistraction's ST2/GTR build thread

    Keep your chin up buddy! Lots to be proud of about last week. I'm here for whatever else you need.
  14. mattlqx

    BOSS 302 Race Car Build Thread

    I had a good time helping out a good cause! Happy both of you guys got to drive mostly all your sessions. I can't wait to see this thing with a "modernized" front-end.
  15. mattlqx

    Sim Racing Discussion Thread

    Please invite me over when this is operational for some H2H.
  16. mattlqx

    GT350R Race Car Build

    Hot damn, that's good. Soooo good.
  17. mattlqx

    Planted S550 Race Seat Adapters, Sparco Sliders

    Just the adapters and one set of sliders left.
  18. mattlqx

    Planted S550 Race Seat Adapters, Sparco Sliders

    I have the two adapters and sliders and one seat and bracket left.