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  1. Sam I Am

    Call to action from SEMA for the RPM Act

    Little late to the party, but sent mine off.
  2. Sam I Am

    Mustang GT4 build pics

    :eek: That is darn quick and looks to be super stable!
  3. Sam I Am

    Dream Cars vs. Real Cars

    I own both of the lowest scoring male dream cars. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. :(
  4. Sam I Am

    Carbon Fiber finish preference with poll!

    I personally prefer the look of the satin. I like the fact that it hides the imperfections.
  5. Sam I Am

    AC failure leading to a service nightmare (Non track but S550 related)

    Different applications, but has happened to me three times on three different semi trucks. What I have found with A/C systems that are losing a charge but cannot find with the dye is they are leaking behind the pulley. Somehow the dye stays behind the pulley and doesn't spray anywhere. It is...
  6. Sam I Am

    Mustang GT4 build pics

    Amazing photos of what is bound to be an amazing car! Congrats!
  7. Sam I Am

    Noob question - splitter bumper trim

    I believe those are called "Canards."
  8. Sam I Am

    Fasteners and the Art of Keeping Your S*#@ Together

    I have been in the process of doing a full build on a Jeep and have put a ton of thought into this exact issue. I am going the way of fine thread bolts with the metal lock nuts. This is due to my experience with nylock Vs. Metal lock fasteners. Nothing scientific, but it always seemed that...
  9. Sam I Am

    2006 Ford GT For Sale with 10 Miles

    $565K. It is a shame that whoever invested in this car never got to enjoy it. No way their a real "Car Guy."
  10. Sam I Am

    Horsefeathers All Ford Car Show

    Anybody in the Colorado area attending? August 5th, Northfield Stapleton parking lot. The girlfriend and I are both showing our cars for the first time. Would be nice to put faces to people I see here.
  11. Sam I Am

    Get Your Cars Photo on TMO's New Facebook Page!

    From a side trip we took during the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup.
  12. Sam I Am

    Voodoo Boss

    Good article on an interesting build. The power levels seem to be attainable with the original motor, and everything else he modified was nothing out of the ordinary. Not sure that is the direction I would have taken given my druthers, but good for him following his dream!
  13. Sam I Am

    Buy a Raptor or build up an F-150?

    Not really an apples to apples comparison, but they do state that. Interesting to see the comparison though, as I have always thought it would be cheaper to build.
  14. Sam I Am

    Colorado Concours d'Elegance

    I also would like to attend, but have Ford Days at Bandimere the same day, and RMMR the next weekend. Maybe next year.
  15. Sam I Am

    Boss 302 Owners Map

    I am also on the map twice, need to delete the Kiowa, CO address.....
  16. Sam I Am

    GT350 Pricing

    Dealer in Colorado Springs has one. AG, no stripe, Tech Pack. $30K ADM. Beautiful car, just not at that price. They also have a '12 Boss. 3k miles....
  17. Sam I Am

    My latest project: Jacking Plates

    I will be interested in a set as well, when they are completed.
  18. Sam I Am

    Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge with the Boss recap

    Congrats! That looks like it is a fun event to be a part of. Good Luck in Vegas!
  19. Sam I Am

    How many SBY LS's were made?

  20. Sam I Am

    2013 BOSS TOP VIEW Posters

    I dig it! Good Idea.