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    GT350 front brakes on Boss/S197 - who has done it?

    Good point, steveespo! Has anyone weighed Boss 4 piston caliper/rotor, S550 6 piston caliper/rotor, and GT350 6 piston caliper/rotor combo? But . . . I have a lead on some used 350 front brakes and my new 23lb 20x10.5 Signature Wheels are hungry for more brakes!
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    GT350 front brakes on Boss/S197 - who has done it?

    Full Tilt Boogie sells a kit to upgrade to the GT350 rotors and calipers. Who has done it? Any feedback? Obviously, stopping power should be vastly improved but I am also curious about pedal feel.
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    Ford GT mk2

    I think I just had a stroke. What a beautiful car and I can see a lot of really neat modifications.
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    Can you run higher offset rear wheels on GT350R without rubbing inboard?

    Hey Cory - thank you very much for that information! Have you had a chance to look at a new GT500 inner fender area? Just curious if there is any difference that you noticed.
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    Favorite way to compress a McPherson strut?

    I've used the usual crummy 'hook and screw' type numerous times on a few vehicles and it works 100% fine. It's not as trick as the piece you've linked but it works.
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    Can you run higher offset rear wheels on GT350R without rubbing inboard?

    Ah very interesting point! I am probably overthinking this because between using higher offset wheels plus possibly spacers and/or camber adjustments, I can probably get the handling setup I want PLUS wheels that don't poke. But why the heck has no one pulled a wheel off their new GT500 to...
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    Can you run higher offset rear wheels on GT350R without rubbing inboard?

    Hey thank you for the reply, Rick. As of right now, Terrance can't quite guarantee that GT500 rear specs will fit without rubbing on a 350. If I had the car already, I could compress the suspension and check the clearances. I just can't imagine that they wouldn't work because, other than an...
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    Can you run higher offset rear wheels on GT350R without rubbing inboard?

    Hey guys, With an eye towards running GT500-spec tires (305/30/20, 315/30/20) on some Signature wheels, I am curious about whether or not GT500-spec rear wheels could be used on a 350R. I saw a GT500 CFTP at the local auto show and the rear wheels sit flush, unlike the pronounced poke on the...
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    BBY Racing 2020 GT500 Build

    Excellent, thank you!
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    BBY Racing 2020 GT500 Build

    OP - any chance you got a look at the wheel offset stamps on the inside of the wheels? I'm curious about the offsets in comparison to the GT350R.
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    BBY Racing 2020 GT500 Build

    Loving this thread! And man that color looks soooooo good!
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    Guess Which Mustang Chris Harris Likes?

    Yes saw that earlier! But I am conflicted as a current Boss 302 owner(lover) but with a GT350R on order - I want to tell him bravo but I also want to smack him upside the head!
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    Ford Performance Racing School Takes The Win : NASA 25-Hour

    Great job, Terrance and Signature Wheel! I especially enjoy that model of wheel since I have some on order!
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    TMO Leadership Change

    Well I wish both Rick and Chris the best of luck in their new endeavors! I love this site more than any other and appreciate all that Rick has done. Also, as someone who has owned and loved 3 Evos over the years, I am glad to hear another Mitsubishi guy is now involved here!
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    2020 Ford Explorer ST

    I have owned 3 straight Grand Cherokees (Overland, SRT, now Trackhawk) and in 5+ years all 3 combined spent way less time in the shop than my 2017 Focus RS. Actually, it's not even close.
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    Worn rear spring isolator - questions

    Very interesting. I ended up replacing mine and I added the same insulator down on the KWs adjustable spring perch in an attempt to stop the squeaking. Didn't help so the source still is unknown . . .
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    Looks Like Harley Davidson Is Changing Direction

    I am still mad at Harley for killing Buell motorcycles 10 years ago. Erik Buell is an absolute genius. I owned a couple of his last bikes (XB9SX and 1125CR) and they were absolutely incredible, handling like nothing else you could imagine. Was always fun harassing 150+hp literbikes on my...
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    Clutch recommendations

    drano38 - consider getting the Maximum Motorsports clutch pedal stop. Such a minor addition has made my car sooooo much easier to drive around town because the RST has a high engagement point like your Exedy. https://trackmustangsonline.com/threads/adjustable-clutch-pedal-stop.14904/