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    Vertical links & camber arms - worthwhile GT350 upgrades?

    I mostly street my car. I just put on light wheels, Vorshlag camber plates, spherical bearings all around front and rear BMR lock out, and yes vertical links (wish I had waited on the them). This made the car feel much softer so I added R springs and rear bar. I am very happy with how the car...
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    braking stability (GT350)

    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking weight transfer coupled with suspension unloading too. I was not in ABS but probably close to it. I am new to the Mustang world but have tracked a modified miata, SP1/SP2 944, boxster that had been set up for PCA racing as well as playing with a 996 GT3 on...
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    braking stability (GT350)

    Hello all, I was wondering if any of you had experienced this: So last summer I met up with an old college friend who is also a gear head. We take the GT350 for a ride. On the way back we get on an empty off ramp as I ease off the throttle and onto the brakes (did not just slam the brakes) the...