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  1. Thor 302

    Team Shelby Event at Pocono 6/4 to 6/7/20 ..Whose going?

    Anyone going to the Team Shelby event in June at Pocono. The SVT event at VIR is too far for me this year. My son Brandon and I will at the Shelby event. Bill: This is a good chance to wake up the Boss S.
  2. Thor 302

    What makes the Boss 302 a special Mustang....a list.

    So I am sure this has probably been done in the past but was thinking there should be a comprehensive list of items that separate the Boss 302 as a special Mustang. I'l give it a go and try to be as comprehensive as possible. 1. It is a Ford developed product and produced by Ford. Not merely a...
  3. Thor 302

    Stick with the LS or jump ship to a 350R? That is the question.

    Ok. I'm sort of new to the TMO forum. sort of. Been away for 4-5 years. I am a real Boss fan and have owned a '12 CO, now own a '12 LS in Ingot Silver and a Boss 302 motivated track beast built to Boss 302S/R specs "Thor". My LS is #46. Has 2000 miles and is bone stock. Love it. Wonderful car...