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  1. 12coBoss

    Crush sleeve vs solid spacer on pinion

    Is anyone running a solid spacer in place of the crush sleeve on the pinion? Was looking around today and saw that there are solid spacers being used on some rears, didn't see one for the 8.8 though. Recently when i pulled the drive shaft I noticed i had diff fluid leaking up through the...
  2. 12coBoss

    Clutch recommendations

    Just wanted to see what everyone is running for clutch setups and what throw out bearing they are using. A bit of history, I put in the magnum XL and McLeod RXT twin disc a few years ago. I fought issues with the clutch not disengaging at times and went through 2 throw out bearings in the...
  3. 12coBoss

    Track for sale

    Someone should buy this and make it an exclusive Ford track.
  4. 12coBoss

    Storing tires for winter

    How does everyone store their tires for an extended amount of time? Typically if I had decent Pirelli slicks left i would set air 5-10 psi, and put in a large trash bag and stack on sidewall in basement 4 high. I am wondering if placing in a rack like in the links below if it would affect...
  5. 12coBoss

    Aftermarket starter

    Anyone running an aftermarket starter? I've had an intermittent no start issue and was able to track it down to a bad ground on the solenoid. Just wanted to see if anyone else is running anything but the Ford starter to help prevent this issue. I do have long tubes and had the starter...
  6. 12coBoss

    Carbotech pad issues

    Has anyone seen carbotech pads do this? These are XP24's put on new stock rotors and I did follow the bedding procedure. This is only after 3 days, they work well, and the rotors look good. Just found this when I removed them today to put the street setup back on.
  7. 12coBoss

    Midwest Stangs Track day June 13th and 14th @ RPM

    Registration opens tomorrow. This again is a 2 day event at Raceway Park of the Midlands (formerly known as MAM). Registration is just $145 which includes licensing with Full Throttle if you are not already licensed. Sunday we will be picking out the fastest 20 cars for timed runs for...
  8. 12coBoss

    Tremec Magnum XL swap

    I'm looking at getting the kit from JPC. Just wanted to see if anyone recommends doing anything else while doing this. I am going with the 2.97 gearing, mcleod RXT, lightened flywheel, new slave, CJ pulse ring, crank position sensor, and 4.10 rear gear. Just wanted to see if there were...
  9. 12coBoss

    285/645R18 Continental's, air pressure

    I just bought a set of these. Wondering what you guys set the air pressure at cold, and what they should be at when they are warm.
  10. 12coBoss

    2nd Annual Midwest Stangs Track Day at Mid-America Motorplex, May 24th & 25th

    I wanted to throw an invite out to everyone here that is close to the area. I think there may be an event going on at MPH this weekend too, so if you don't plan on attending that you are welcome here, or just do both. This is a 2 day event for only $120 which includes certification if you do...
  11. 12coBoss

    water pump leak

    Anyone one have any issues with their water pump leaking? I have a small coolant leak somewhere and can not seem to track it to any particular thing. I will get a very small puddle of coolant after driving for awhile. Not all the time though. I can see some on the belt above the crank pulley...
  12. 12coBoss

    Rear differential options

    So I seem to run my boss at the drag strip more than the road coarse. I run ET street bias ply, when trying to do a burnout I can only get the right side to spin, I always notice this in my mirrors and the horrible grinding noise that I hear, once I launch I have no issues both wheels are...