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  1. JDee

    S197 Boss 302 in Chile

    I can't imagine that level of noise, I still have the stock Ford exhaust except for an H pipe delete for the resonator, and the noise inside the car going up the straight at 150mph is just off the charts! I want to go aftermarket to lose some weight, but am seriously concerned about the noise...
  2. JDee

    S197 Boss 302 in Chile

    Mad, you should come back up here. They'll give you $2K a month to sit on your butt and do nothing. And it doesn't matter whether you qualify or not, they'll just give you the money no questions asked. Get the wife and kids to apply too!
  3. JDee

    S197 Boss 302 in Chile

    Man, don't you hate that? Maybe lay off the bean burritos for a while?:)But seriously, RPM limiter won't save you from over revs on downshiFts. Work on fighting the urge to downshift really early in the braking zone, let the brakes knock some more speed off before you go for the shitter, er...