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  1. S197 3V Fabman's build; How did we get here?

    Thanks, I had not seen that one before. The price is better, but the cooler is quite a bit smaller and it uses a generic Setrab bracket that may require some fabrication per the description. If I have to do some fabrication I may as well make my own. The price on Setrabs and thermostatically...
  2. S197 3V Fabman's build; How did we get here?

    That is the kit I was looking at. I am sure they route the plumbing so the oil flows bottom to top to avoid air bubbles. I don't have a complete fab shop, but I do have enough tools to make my own brackets. I am not a professional by any means, but I like to play when I can. I made my own...
  3. S197 3V Fabman's build; How did we get here?

    I was looking at a packaged cooler from Cool Tech, but it mounts with the lines on the side. I didn't think about the oil draining back down until I read your thread. Now I am leaning toward piecing together my own set up using yours as inspiration. Next time I have the nose off I will start...
  4. S197 3V Fabman's build; How did we get here?

    Somehow I managed to double quote the original post, so I edited to remove the duplication.Nice work. I have been thinking about adding an oil cooler to my car and this has been a great help in deciding how to do it. Which Setrab cooler did you use and how did you run the lines?