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'12 Hood Decal - Anyone else get one for "just incase"

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Guessing others have purchased a hood decal to have just incase for later in life.
Anyone else open the HUGE box they come in???
Well mine kinda slide in the box and rolled alittle on the edge. Not really sure how to sucure it in the box so it doesnt get wrecked over time.
My main question is has anyone tried to roll the decal and put it in a tube or do they have a better idea to protect it.
I don't think the Vinyl will care about a curled edge at all. Creases, yea. I would personally roll it up in a 5-6" PVC pipe and store it out of the sun and humidity, like in a closet corner. It you ever need it you can unroll it and sandwich it for a few days to get it flat. Trying to put it on while it wants to curl would be a pain.

You could try taking the box apart and securing the vinyl with good painters tape to the cardboard so it won't fall when you store it upright. Then just tape the box back together. If there is extra backing material around the vinyl you could also tape the crap out of that with some nice permanent tape, staple it, 3M #77 spray it...etc. But I have seen painters tape get crappy and dry out over time, so my first choice would be the tube with some desiccant tossed in. I would contact this company and see what suggestions they have:
Since they can make the decals I won't pre-buy any. I am not sure if they would ever stop making them, though.

The biggest thing I would worry about is mice, depending on where you store it.

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