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13 GT parts for sale updated (ALL ITEMS SOLD)

8/8/17 Removed SOLD items and REDUCED PRICING!


Hello all,

I am selling my track goodies that were on my car as I will no longer be tracking it. I’ve realized I need more safety and am not willing to do a cage and such in the car. I plan to do a little racing with a friend. I live in central PA if anyone would like to arrange pickup as opposed to shipping. For PayPal please use friends and family option.

Either way here is what I have for sale:

Setrab 948

This thing is huge. After trusting the factory gauge I didn’t want to mess around so I got the monster. It’s perfect and has about 5,000 miles on it. I used the lines and sandwich plate from mishimoto.

Cost me $597 will sell for $375 shipped. This is a great deal!!!

Ford Racing Oil Temperature Gauge

Perfect condition and has been on the car for about 5,000 miles. Also including the add a circuit to use in the fuse panel to supply power.

Paid $200 asking $110 shipped

Roush Vent Gauge Pod

Perfect condition and nice sleek way to install the gauge. Paid $34 selling for $15 with shipping included.

Bracket for Setrab made by Mike (06Mach1)

Perfect condition. Fits the Setrab the 9 series coolers. $40 shipped

Blowfish Racing Brake Duct Cooling Kit and Vorshlag Mounting Plate - Brake ducts sold, but Vorshlag available.

I have GT500 6 piston Brembo and these work well with it as well as with the 4 piston Brembos. The ducts have one small area that was rubbed by the tire. I had some gorilla tape on it and it did fine. The picture includes a Vorshlag mounting plate that is being sold separately ( I loved this option you can’t even tell they are there and are solid.

Brake duct kit paid $220 asking $100 shipped - SOLD

Vorshlag mounting plate paid $150 asking $80 shipped
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All items are now OBO. I don't want to look at them!!!

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Would you split up the quick fit harnesses and sell me the drivers side for $200?
Would you split up the quick fit harnesses and sell me the drivers side for $200?

That's a pretty tempting offer but I think I should keep them together. Unless someone wants just the passenger side?!?!? Chime in haha
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Are the vorshlag plates the ones that go behind the rotor for the brake cooling ducting?

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