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15-19 Mustang Rear Subframe Bushing Kit M-5872-M Service Replacement

2015-2019 Ford Mustang S550 IRS SUBFRAME TO BODY BUSHING KIT:
USA Sourced 6061 T6 Anodized aluminum bushing kit replaces factory rubber mounts between subframe and body
Removes compliance from rear suspension
Improves traction and helps reduce wheel hop
Solidly Mounts the rear subframe to the unibody of the car and removes ALL Compliance. This allows the suspension components mounted to the subframe to work as designed.
These bushings will properly center the subframe in the chassis and allows for consistent alignment.
These Bushings were designed to replace the Discontinued Ford Performance Parts M-5872-M Kit. The dimension which locates the subframe relative to the unibody is similar to the M-5872-M Bushing which allows the same geometry intended by Ford Performance. These bushings are not compatible with offerings available in the aftermarket.
We have designed these with improvements over the original Ford Performance Bushing and any other bushing in the Aftermarket.
All 8 Bushings are identical, no mixing up 3 different parts.
Without compromising crush strength, these are lightened substantially.
Unlike other offerings in the Aftermarket our design seals out road grime and debris. Some of the aftermarket bushings are open which will allow an accumulation of road grime, road salt and sand which can cause the subframe mounting bolts to corrode and fail. The corrosion would be hidden and unable to be detected until failure. Our bushings hold a tight tolerance preventing a buildup up harmful materials.
We only use USA Manufactured 6061 T6 Aluminum that is 100% machined and anodized in the United States.
We offer a installation aid in the form of a tool which will pull the bushing halves into the subframe evenly. No hammers required.

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