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16 year old gets Boss

My son turned 21 in Feb. & bought a brand new Scion FR-S over the Christmas Holiday. It's a light car & has no problem keeping with my Boss on the street. ( with me not pushing mine too much;)). He has driven My Boss & knows the limits of both cars ( I hope). He already has many mods planned for his car once he has some money He's way ahead of where I was at his age.


TrackAttack 9-23-13
In 1969 I was working in a small tool & die shop. I wasn't really into pony cars yet but that changed when the owner bought his FIFTEEN YEAR OLD daughter a brand new Cougar Eliminator. This was a year and a half before she could even get her license.

There were no worries about her taking it out and lighting it up, but she did drive it almost every day after school on a private road behind the shop. She never drove over 15 miles an hour. I'm pretty sure she never got it beyond 2nd gear.

Eventually she tired of the shifting and he bought her something with an automatic. I tried to buy it but was told that it didn't really run very well after a year of basically idling down the road.
cbj5259 said:
Personally I have a problem with it. I don't think the majority of 16 year old kids are mature enough to handle a sports car...hell, some 30 and 40 year olds aren't. 16 year olds are a bundle of hormones, testosterone and angst and I just don't think adding a sports car to the mix is a smart idea. I unfortunately have seen the other side of the equation and have had to make those 2am knocks on the door. I'm sure mom and dad thought they were being great parents when they got junior the fast car, right up until they were asked to come down to hospital to take him off life support so his organs could be harvested. I guess my only hope is tthat dad has the MY KEY option in use and sets the speed limit to 60mph.

I see you point in this without a doubt and the parents usually have the best intentions at heart, but they forget to factor in the instant freedom the kid feels. I remember my first car was a dodge shadow(worst car ever) a little four cycle with zero power, but it kept me from testing the limits on speed. Being much older now with a Boss there is still the kid inside me saying "floor it", but the adult side wins out and I know to keep it safe. To me this is a lose/lose thing. If he is going taking it to a car show then it is not being enjoyed like it should and I am sure his father is not always with him which leaves time for him to push the limits.

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