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18"x10" 2010 GT500 Style Wheels

I apologize if this is covered somewhere else, but i've searched and cannot find the information I'm looking for and analysis paralysis has got me bad.

I am planning on grabbing the 2010 GT500 Style wheels, 18"x10" (from American Muscle). Planning for a square setup for track day. (i like the price, look and affordability/variety of 18" tires).

1. Do i need a spacer with these? How large? (one of the reviews commented on needing a 5mm spacer). I haven't been able to find what backspacing i need to clear?

Back Spacing: 7.2" (184mm) Offset: +45mm (1.8")

2. I had been planning to get the Ford Racing Boss 302 lowering springs (M-5300-T). That's not going to be a problem with the 10" wide wheels, right?

3. I have been looking at the Nitto NT-01 275/40-18, which is the recommended tire size on the American Muscle webpage, so that seems simple enough.

4. These will clear my Brembo's, right? I saw someone post that it cleared his aftermarket 14" wheels, but i haven't seen a specific confirmation that it'll clear the Brembo's.

I took my Boss, all stock, after finally being paid off, to a track day and it was a hot mess. I'm seeing basic upgrades as these tires, DOT4 Brake fluid (such as MOTUL RBF 600), upgraded pads (Raybestos ST-43 had good reviews), Boss brake cooling ducts, some stainless brake lines and an oil change. Anything else that's a "must do" before another day on the track for a novice? My problems were primarily around brake fade and my tires just being the stock crap.

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If you don't have one you'll need an open grille to keep your car from overheating.
She ran pretty hot the first day, even with the fog light covers removed, but i'd park her, open the hood and she'd be good to go again the next round. I think I'll probably save the cooling upgrades for the next track day. The kit above is already over my budget
Don't think those wheels will clear w/o a spacer. I'm pretty sure I ordered the same set a couple years ago, and returned them (at my expense) because the didn't clear Brembo (not sure how much they hit).
Yes, they look like 2010 GT500 wheels, but do not have the same clearance dimensions.
Look at LMR's SVE Drifts. They clear Brembo, and many run 305 tires.
I have looked at the SVE drifts, but they're forever out of stock when I look.

If i do find SVE drifts that fit, what spacer would i need?
If you have a 2010+ you can just pull the front grille. You'll need a long screwdriver for the tabs but it's easy to pull and reinstall.

Those wheels should fit according to their website but you'll probably need spacers. Wayne they may have changed them since you looked at them.

Will it fit my Mustang?
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Does not fit 2013-2014 GT500
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Hope they did change them to fit Brembo--more options are good.
Recommend getting the fitment in email/msg that you get free return shipping if they don't fit.
But hope they fit and work for you.
Voodoo, when i posted on their forum, it says not meant for front fitment as a response, so the answer is no. I ended up pulling the trigger on SVE Drifts to "get in line" for those since i have seen a few posts by other mustang owners who use the SVE Drifts 18x10 on the front and say they have no spacers. I'll believe it when i see it, but that would be ideal, obviously. Trick is the earliest "ship date" would be in nine more days, and obviously there's no guarantee.

Oh, the waiting!


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What part of LA are you from? There are 4-6 Boss owners in the Shreveport/Bossier City area.

Also, look into a SS clutch line and an MGW Race Spec or their new X version. High RPM lockout and a stuck clutch pedal are disasters in a Boss, especially on track.
Another couple weeks and LMR/SVE missed the ship date. Big surprise. They've now revised the estimated ship date back another six weeks to july 31st. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Everything I've seen from folks trying to get these wheels is that this has been the standard problem with them for years: they're never in stock.

I need to probably start getting real about the other upgrades and modifications and leave the tires/wheels for last. Theoretically, I could upgrade the tires on the ol' wagon wheels and that'll buy me another season while LMR/SVE figure out when/if the tires will be carried again. lol

That said, i saw some folks posting that the six piston brembos from the 2015-2017 mustangs 'mostly fit' on the Boss and the only hiccup would be the wheels. If I do not get the SVE drifts this year (for whatever reason), maybe i'll prioritize looking into that upgrade next year and getting some different wheels.

And I'm outside the Baton Rouge area. I only know one other Boss owner in the area (he's got the Grabber Blue '13 while I've got the Performance white '13). I have joined a twice yearly track club but his is still street only (he DD while i usually just enjoy on the weekends because of carseat limitations)

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