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18x10 square set-up

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Ok, was just thinking about trying to order some track wheels/tires for next spring. And was just curious if you could get away with 18x10 wheels on the front and back or if there would be any rubbing issues? I have the Ford racing P springs on my car, if sits a little lower than stock. Or would it be better to run 18x9 on the front and 18x10 on the rear? ??? Also, if you could do the 18x10 on all four corners what tire size would be a good choice? Thanks.
I am running the square set up on mine. 18 X 10 SVE Drifts with 275-35-18. I have Steeda Ultralite springs and MM CC plates. No issues at all looks great too.


With a square setup you will want to get a bigger/tighter adjustable front sway bar.

I am running 19x9.5, 275/35/19 square on lowered car with eibach adj front/rear swaybars. front on tightest setting, rear on middle setting.
And it now has Porsche handling.
Thanks, for the info. I'm looking at a set of the SVE 18x10 Drifts or a set of the 2010 GT500 18x9.5 wheels. They are both about the same in price. But, I think the GT500 wheels weigh about 28 pounds each, where the Drifts 18x10 only weighs 24 pounds each... ???


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18x10 Vorshlag D-Force Wheels with 305/650/18 Continental GTRs at all four corners. These fit with the OEM suspension (springs, dampers, etc) with the only issue being the need to cut the end of the front upper swaybar end-link off for more tire clearance (take a look at it, you'll see what I mean).

As mentioned earlier, you'll either need to increase front swaybar stiffness (or spring rates) <or> decrease rear swaybar stiffness (or spring rates) as the car will tend to over steer more going from a staggered setup to a square setup.

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