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2 years and a day

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Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
731 days ago I drove 4+ hours to pick up my Boss, sight unseen, with my brother-in-law 3 days before my wedding. In fact, I was the only person in my family to have not seen one in person. Part of that could have been because I was deployed 6 of the 7 previous months. Anyways, 94xx miles later, I couldn't be happier. Nor could my wife who enjoys riding around in it. Here's to many more years! 8)

If you're on the FB group, I posted the picture of when I first saw a Boss, my Boss, there.
Sweet. I'm coming up on that anniversary in 8 days.
Mine was delayed a few weeks at ramp 51, AKA the Black Hole. Then when it finally arrived I was out of town so it sat at the dealer for four days until I got back in town. It was worth the wait. ;D

I remember that ^. I got mine slightly over 2 years ago and had a long weekend to play with it.
Two years back on May 27...I'll have that date etched on my memory along with my wedding anniversary (yes I do remember that every year - good advice guys). About 11,500 miles on her now, but I store it every winter.
Congrats, seaman...

Fast approaching my two year annie, as well..

Thank you FOMOCO, UAW, FRPP and my dad for believing in me.



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