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SN95 2004 NASA CMC MUSTANG Build Thread Profile - SN95 Mustangs


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Getting more and more new vehicle profiles - very cool to see a CMC build get posted... please do list out your suspension pieces in your vehicle profile when you get a chance, unless of course you're trying to keep that info secret for competition purposes - you can tell us though ;)
not coilovers. Just stock mounting SINGLE adj struts and shocks from AST. The kit used to be discounted for cmc racers but the company was sold to someone else so AST has diff people running the show now. My springs are almost the same as the 01 Bullitt. 750pd front linear. H&R sport progressives in rear. think the rear rate is 275ish? Very soft setup compared to my counterparts and it is very forgiving and works like a dream. I still run the 4 link rear with NO panhard bar. People think you cant run the 4 link competitively but you reall can, you just have to be smart in which control arms/bushings/sphericals you use to keep the torque boxes from binding/ripping.

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