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2011 GT won’t start.

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3-5 Years
South Plainfield, NJ
Hey guys, needed some help at least in regard to diagnosis as to why my car won’t start:

Quick background: car was fine up to storing it in November. Took it out a couple times in March to do some work/stretch it’s legs and it started fine then. 2 weeks ago I had to do some work again, pulled it out of the garage and parked in the driveway for a minute to go do something. Then when I went to start again to get it up on ramps, nothing. Fuel pump primed, just clicked and no crank. Battery was 5 years old, figured maybe it was time. I got a new one, same thing happened, had to cycle the key a few times to get it to crank. I took it out for a short drive and when I got back, I cranked the car a few times to make sure it would start (it did) before parking it.

That was 2ish weeks ago. Today I was curious to see if I would have a problem and sure enough, car won’t crank again. Has power, has fuel, and I checked all the relays under the hood and they all checked out okay.

My dad seems to think the starter is cooked judging by me cycling the key a few times the last time I got it to crank. Other then getting the car out of the garage and testing the starter, is there anything else simple/small I should be checking before I go an buy a starter? Would rather get the easy stuff out of the way.

Appreciate any help.
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5-10 Years
Lenoir City TN
I’ve heard mixed things. Some say it’s not that bad. Is there a good way of getting to it?
I was on a lift and it is mostly by braille. I ended up with a flex head ratcheting box end wrench with fine teeth. You have to work at it a little at a time. You pretty much have to guess on tightening it since there was no way to get a torque wrench in there.

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