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2012 boss,rear wheel to wheel is bigger o pass.side

when i installed the whiteline relocation brackets for the lca's,and was setting up the measurements for my QA1 panhard bar,which i centered,using outside tire to wheel lip gap-side to side,i set the car down.i noticed on the pass side wheelwell,the gap from the tire to wheel well lip-just behind the door gap was bigger on that side compared to the drivers side.thats odd,i did move the panhard bar back and forth-it did alter that front to back,as well as side movement.its like the rear 1/4 panel was installed slightly ahead on the pass side.i removered the re location brackets,the distance did shrink a hair.i know the car has not been hit ,according to dealer accident and claim reports.i then measured the front to back wheel rim distance on both sides,it checked to a 1/16thth,which could just be steering a hair off is at the dealers ,getting the clutch looked at,and other things.the gap without the brackets was 3/8 more.could it be the whiteline brackets are a hair off,or during assembly,the 1/4's are off a tad?it's something most will not notice,i'll get it checked soon as i'll be getting the alignment done,steeda Boss springs and strut mount install.
Take it to your dealer and have them looks at it. You may need adjustable LCA's to make it even.

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