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2012 Boss second build transmission TSB fluid change

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My car is a second build date 2012 boss and I had the transmission tsb fluid change done, first off my service manager said it may have been done considering the build date but he also said we will do it anyway just incase. Well he had it done yesterday and said it must have not been done cause now it shifts well you will just have to try it. So I got it back and within two hole seconds I could tell hum this transmission feels right now thats weird ;D Yep it fixed my transmission problems real quick now it shifts so damn easy I could not believe the difference wow. I will just say if your transmission does not feel super easy then take it in cause after this mine is exactly the way it should have been from the start even after warming up it never shifted this good.
I'm not surprised by this. My car is a June 2011 build and I'm pretty sure it had the newer fluid in it from the factory. Regardless I swapped in Redline MTL and it made a noticeable difference so you may still have room for improvement.
How do you like the redline is it a good fluid, I never have tried that one. Are there different weights?
After another good drive today what a difference I cannot believe ford did not make this a mandatory issue it is so much better I have zero complaints of the transmission now.
When right, the MT-82 is an awesome transmission IMO!

I just did my 3rd trans fluid swap today (3600miles on the car). Synthetic 75w/90 with a bottle of Friction Modifier.
Heading out Saturday for some 7800RPM shifts down the 1/4 mile.
Actually before this tsb fluid change if you had asked me of the trans I would have said it's junk but come to find all it was is some nasty buble gum fluid.
Do they come with the new fluid now? Anyone know the build date when they changed over? I brought a print out of the TSB to the dealer and they told me to sit and spin, so I don't want to go out of pocket unless mine really doesn't have it.
You should know if it does cause it shifts super easy and without it the shifting feels like it just does not want to do what you tell it.
TSB is dated March 2011, but doesn't say if they switched to the fluid in production. It just says some 11 and 12s. At least on the PDF I have.
BOSS1289 said:
Just had the TSB performed, shifts differently so far. Glad I had it done!

Curious what your build date was? I have # 1055 & was built on 6/10/11.
No issues with my shifting, but I assumed that I had the newer fluid due to the build date ???

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