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2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 w/Tremec Magnum XL, Cobra Jet Intake, Tiger Racing Hood and more!

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I am selling my 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 for $33,500 firm. Almost $20K has been spent on this car in upgrades to get it where it is today. The goal was to make a Boss 302 that was better than a Shelby GT350. To do this, I looked to the Boss 302 Laguna Seca and Boss 302S race cars for inspiration. Since I am on the East Coast and not near Laguna Seca, I decided to make my own version with VIR (Virginia International Raceway) as the theme instead of Laguna Seca Raceway. All of the common Boss 302 and Coyote engine weaknesses have been addressed. The weak MT-82 transmission was replaced with a Tremec Magnum XL with an McLeod twin disk clutch, lightweight flywheel aluminum driveshaft. The Shelby GT350 will dyno around 449rwhp and 369ft/lbs in stock trim. To get similar numbers out of a 5.0 "Roadrunner" engine, I took the car to Mike Rousch at Mid-Atlantic Performance to completely refresh the engine and load one of his awesome road race tunes. With the Cobra Jet intake, free flowing Kooks exhaust and tune, this Boss 302 put down 446.87rwhp and 390ft/lbs in a car weighing 150lbs less. With the tune, Cobra Jet pulse ring, and billet oil pump gears, you can safely rev this engine without worry.

Next up were the brakes to help whoa all of that power, 15" 6-Piston Brembos with Laguna Seca cooling ducts and 13.8" rear brakes from a 2014 GT500 were installed. Since this car does double duty, driving my kids to school and chasing down GT350's on track days, the stock adjustable Boss 302 suspension was only mildly changed with upper and lower control arms and caster camber plates. Just because it is fast doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable. The inside of the car was upgraded with stainless steel trim to brighten up the black interior. A touch screen Kenwood stereo was added so I can watch movies while waiting to pick my kids up from school and to stream Pandora from my Iphone on trips. JLT Performance did a great job on a custom hydro dipped Carbon Fiber console and center stack. To go along with that, an alcantara shift boot and ebrake boot was installed to match the alcantara on the Recaro seats and steering wheel. To top things off, I contacted MGW Shifters for a custom Boss 302 "Gripper" weighted shift knob that fits the upgraded Tremec transmission. The exterior has the awesome fiberglass Tiger Racing vented hood with Aerocatch hood pins and Boss 302 style paint, Laguna Seca front splitter with one-off license plate bracket made by Craig's Customs Brackets. This mounts to the Ford Racing tow hook bracket so no holes needed to be drilled into the bumper. The last part of the puzzle is a "VIR" faux gas cap that mimics the one on the Laguna Seca models.

So why am I selling it since I've made my idea of the perfect Boss 302? Well, that's just it. I feel like I've done everything I can to this car and so I'm starting with a clean sheet 2017 Shelby GT350 that I'll have fun with. This is a well taken care of Boss 302 with 16K miles on it and $20K in upgrades. I have priced it at $33,500 for a fast sale. If you need help with financing, I can connect you with someone that might be able to help you out. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I'd appreciate it if you would spread the word about this great car.

Here are the upgrades my 2012 Race Red Boss 302 has:

Tremec Magnum XL transmission ($3,550)
McLeod RXT clutch and lightweight flywheel ($1,200)
Billet oil pump gears ($400)
Ford Racing CJ Pulse Ring ($150)
Ford Racing Cobra Jet intake and cold air kit ($1,850)
Ford Racing Dual 65mm throttle body (included in above)
Ford Racing 4.10 Gears ($150)
Moser axle shafts ($400)
Kooks 1 7/8 long tube headers ($1,550)
Kooks off-road x-pipe and over axle pipes ($750)
GT 500 Axle Backs ($400)
JLT Axle Expansion tank ($100)
JHR High flow Stainless Braided clutch line ($60)
Line lock ($190)
SCT Tuner ($325)
3.5 Aluminum Driveshaft ($690)

Brakes and suspension:
6-Piston Brembo 15" brakes ($1,300)
Eibach Pro-Kit Springs ($230)
13.8 GT500 Rear brakes ($250)
Ford Racing lower control arms ($380)
Adjustable upper control arm ($180)
Ford Racing/ARP 3" wheel studs ($250)
Laguna Seca front brake ducts ($380)
Maximum Motorsports Double Adjustable Caster Camber Kit ($280)

Stainless Steel interior trim ($225)
MGW Gripper weighted shift knob ($70)
Alpine Front and Rear Speakers ($120)
Kenwood Touchscreen w/ Bluetooth with Metra dash kit ($750)
Carbon Fiber hydrographic center console ($450)
2010 Traction control button ($45)
Alcantara shift boot and e-brake boot ($120)

Boss 302S Grill ($325)
Tiger Racing vented fiberglass hood ($1,000)
Redline Hood struts ($100)
Roush Side splitters ($165)
Jacking plates ($115)
Custom VIR faux gas cap ($65)
Locking gas cap ($20)
5" Shorty antenna ($30)
Cool tech rear tow hook ($180)
License plate holder for tow hook ($50)
Ford Racing Laguna Seca Chin Spoiler Kit with tow hook ($1,000)
Aerocatch hood pins ($75)
MMD black taillight trim ($60)
Corner light tint ($25)

Totaling $20,005 in upgrades

Over 80 pictures can be seen here:

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Thanks! I took it to the track this past weekend and my buddy and I ran this and the new GT350 around the track to compare. The Boss pulled the GT350 on the straights but the Shelby put the power down better so it could shoot out of the corners quicker. The final thought of the weekend was, "Why the hell am I selling this thing?! Is it wrong to have two track Mustangs?


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