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2012 vs 2013 Differences

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I'm kind of surprised there is not a sticky with a comprehensive list of differences between 2012/13 Boss 302's, and there still seems to be a lot of confusion about differences between 2012 and 2013 Boss 302's.

I have a 2013 and have read tons about 2012's, so I'll start the list and everyone else can chime in with what I have missed:


- New front end fascia with HID headlights and LED running lights
- New rear with piano black center and LED lights
- Reflective stripes in 1970 style over the hood
- Lower body trim is now body color rather than black
- Hood has functional louvers
- Sync head unit is standard
- New dash gauge package with Track App
- No longer has skip-shift function
- (Reported) New gear oil in MT-82 transmission
- Hill holder system

2012 Standard Colors: Blaze Yellow(Black or White stripes),Race Red (Black or white stripes), Performance White(Black stripes), Kona Blue(white stripes), Competition Orange(Black or white stripes) Apparently there were one School Bus Yellow, one Grabber Blue and one Calypso Coral 2012 Boss produced for charity auctions.

2013 Standard Colors (all stripes reflective black): School Bus Yellow, Race Red, Performance White, Grabber Blue, Gotta Have It Green

In addition, on Laguna Seca:
- Silver reflective stripes instead of black, and they do not go over the hood
- Spoiler is now silver
- Wheels are now silver/gray
- Three gauge package on top of dash is no longer standard
- Splitter is different due to different front end
- Brake cooling duct system is different due to different front end

2012 Laguna Seca Colors (Red stripes and unique red wheels): Silver or Black
2013 Laguna Seca Colors (Reflective silver stripes and unique silver wheels): School Bus Yellow or Black. There is one Sterling Gray 2013 Laguna Seca that has been produced for a charity auction.
Mine is a 12 & never had skip shift. Ford must have forgot to put out in. & believe me I've tried driving real slow & easy. It had never come on with 7000 miles
Most of those differences are between the 2012 and 2013 Mustang and not specific to a Boss.
Jza1736 said:
Mine is a 12 & never had skip shift. Ford must have forgot to put out in. & believe me I've tried driving real slow & easy. It had never come on with 7000 miles

All the 2012's have skip-shift.
Kinda surprised that the 13's do not have.
Anyone verify this?

Another minor difference;
2012's have a gloss black rear spoiler. 2013's have a semi-gloss or matt rear spoiler.

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