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2013 302LS at chuckwalla

John, glad you could join us and nice video. Don't forget to post photos of your outing and especially the one with matching curbing in our 2013 photos thread.
Glad to be here!

I keep getting this trying to attach pics

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The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator.

Maybe I'm too new ???
Keavdog said:
Are youn talking with Mickey? I'm in if this happens.
Yes. It started with the need to take my wife on a winter vacation. We couldn't settle on anything and were thinking about Palm Springs again but weren't sure we could do a whole week of just golf. Then Grant posted info on the track and I saw their cars were Mustang GTs and thought well isn't this perfect :D So I called Mickey and explained I've been tracking Mustangs for several years so wasn't really looking to do a school...more just rent the car. He said no problem he'd put together a "custom" deal where he'd coach on Day 1 with mostly on track time versus blackboard or skid pad. Then just rent the car and do track time on Day 2. He was also open to just renting their cars for 2 days but since they coach guys all the way up to Grand Am I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to learn too. I checked with Rick and he said I'm in too!

They have 5 school Mustangs and there's one more guy from the forum that's coming so three of them are reserved. Rick had the foresight to ask if guys from the area could bring their own cars and do an open track day with us but he hasn't heard back yet. When I talked to Mickey he made it sound like we'd just be out there with some of their members so I don't think they have any kind of a formal event those days.

Do you know how "open" they are there for other guys to join up for those days? Most of the tracks around here would be pretty open to it, but I don't know if they are pretty "full" there with members and have to maintain plenty of available track time for them. We were hoping to get a bunch of the forum guys together for this and invade SoCal ;D
ArizonaGT said:
If it's an open track day I'd go. If it's FRPP school only, I'll pass.
We'll find out. My sense was he was pretty. Flexible. My plan was just to open track and that was an option at least for experienced drivers. He also said we'll get more track time than the standard four 30 minute sessions.

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