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2013 Boss 302?

BlazinBoss302 said:
SUPRMN said:
They (Ford) can make the just makes ours (2012) more special because it's a 1-year deal (styling). JMO

Just my two cents...

I like the 2013 look, but sort of think that Ford made an assumption that Boss owners would 'really rather have a Shelby'. I personally think that the understated lines of the 2012 are in the spirit of the original Boss - no frills; just go! The same can be said for the original '69 models too. But just like with the 1970 Bosses (with 'grabber' and a variety of other colors, altered stripes, shaker hood options, a more reliable, slightly tamer valve train: 2.23" intake valves down to 2.19"; etc... Textured flat black paint anyone?), next year's model will appeal more to the masses (at least based on the new 2013 LS pics), with Shelby stylings, more colors available and creature comforts (did I hear that Sync and GPS will be available?). I have not heard about shaker hoods as of yet, although it appears that there are functional air inlets on the new hood, and to my knowledge, the Boss engine (still very exclusive to the Boss) has not been tampered with either, unless TracKey has gone away (so is TracKey available or not? - potentially a Ford warranty nightmare).

Not to defend their reasoning, but maybe Ford wanted to correct the track overheating problem of the 2012s, and if so, enlarging the grill area should help remedy the problem. I would have preferred to see unique styling instead of something borrowed from the Shelbys. Maybe this will appeal to some Boss owners (and Mustang fans alike), but I am sure that the Shelby folks won't be pleased. We Boss owners (well, at least those anticipating the purchase of a 2013) are going to be hearing a lot from the Shelby guys in the coming months (... as if the Boss community hasn't already).

The tail panel is really reminiscent of the '70 Mustangs (and my favorite feature of the '70), with the recessed appearance and being blacked out. I can't wait to see the car in person. Let the excitement begin... again!

For the 2012s, when the masses see a Mustang come down the road, they say, "Hey, look at that Mustang". Then the stripes come into view with the splitter and special wheels, and they exclaim, "Wow, OMG, it's a BOSS!!" My fear is that next year, when the masses see the 2013 come down the road they will say, "Wow, here come's a Shelby!" Then the stripes come into view, and they follow, "Nah, it's just a Boss". My opinion may change, but right now, when I see the 2013 pics, memories of 'wanna be like Mike' (for you younger guys out there) and 'it's almost like a Xerox' (for you older guys like me) come to mind. Paying homage to the old Boss 302 is a grand gesture from Ford (the 2012s and the 2013 school bus yellow car that was pictured), but doing it with Shelby stylings of is sort of funny, given the history.

Again, I like the looks of the Shelby, but 'quick' and 'nimble' do not come to mind when I look at it. With Shelby, I see brutish and beastly (deservingly so), but the Boss, while still clearly a very capable predator, is supposed to conjure thoughts of dertermined grace and speed! I thought Ford captured this for the 2012s. Has anyone seen the 2013 4-seater Boss yet? Will this Shelby look be 'exclusive' (ha ha) to the LS or all Bosses?

Regardless of stylings/changes, kudos to Ford for bringing this legend back to life. Anyone fortunate enough to have a Boss, regardless of year, is in some pretty exclusive company. Enjoy what Ford calls the 'greatest Mustang ever built!'

Oh yeah, to all current and prospective Boss owners, HAVE A GREAT Thanksgiving!! CHEEERS!
98RedGT said:
CEO_five-0, well said.

Thanks... Just as a follow-up, it appears that all 2013 Mustangs will have the Shelby stylings (according to pics I have seen), including the Shelbys. This may ease my pain regarding any feelings that Bosses may be mistakenly identified as Shelbys, and vice versa, because now it appears that none of the Mustangs will be distinguishable upon first glance. Boss owners (of the past and today) have learned to live with the subtleties (stripes, wheels, black-out features, and now chin spoiler) separating their appearance from 'regular' Mustangs (part of the appeal, I think), knowing that the Boss heritage comes with a special and exclusive engine and tire/brake package made for the track. But, somehow, I suspect that the Shelby folks are livid!

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