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2013 Boss Grill Removal Question

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Going to install SS mesh behind the grill on my '13. Have any '13 owners removed their grill? It looks like there are multiple tabs that have to be pushed down to release the grill from the outer "frame". I've tried to do this while simultaneously trying to pull out the grill, but the grill isn't releasing. Don't want to break any of the tabs. Any tips? Thank you!


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Why SS mesh when you can use this instead?
Very nice. Didn't know that existed. Thanks!

Managed to get the SS mesh inserted w/out removing the grill. Turns out the '13 Boss grill assembly has three vertical reinforcing "bars" behind the grill face, that allow the mesh to be inserted between the reinforcing pieces and the backside of the grill. Turned out nicely. Pics and procedures to follow shortly... stay tuned.

I may have to do that honeycomb material also for ultimate radiator protection... cool stuff.
The grill is just snapped in place. If you pull on the top a corner at a time and then the bottom it will pull out but it is connected to the black painted trim surround. I pulled mine to put the 1/2" screen in place of the blank out plates. Painted the screen black. Looks better than the blank plates.

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