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Ok ,
my boss ls is for sale so i can get this new gt40

2013 boss ls
302r brakes
302r suspension
carbon drive shaft
ford racing oil cooler
roll bar
6 point racing harnesses
clear bra
window tinting
1 set stock wheels
high flow clutch line
mgw short throw shifter
racing fluids
22 mm sway bar
track key
owners kit
vin 031
comes with all stock parts
2k on her
60k takes it or b/o
2 sets of forgeline wheels available.
[email protected]
For some reason I thought you were going for a 911 cup car. Anyway, nice track mods. Somebody should jump on it.
Say it ain't so !!!

Ron, don't do it. Besides who else is going to bring lobster and crab meat to track events. You'll surely be missed by the Boss 302 community. I'll bet some of those P car owners you frequently destroy at these track events would jump at the chance to pick up your car. Well best of luck whatever you end up doing, hopefully our paths will cross again.



Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
You will have sold more Bosses than most of us will ever own in the past year. Plus you will have put more track time on both of those Bosses than most of us more than likely will in a lifetime. True enthusiast. Kinda hoping you don't sell it because we need more owners/drivers like you in the Boss. Good luck though!
I'm sticking with Ford .A superformance continuation GT40 .I can vintage race and do drivers ed.For those that have gone for a ride with me at the Glen .A ride in the GT40 is a 2:00 min lap time!I'll still be doing the same DE'S but in a different car .If you guys will still have me I will post videos!
roketman said:
I'm sticking with Ford .A superformance continuation GT40 .
Now we're talking. Not that there's anything wrong with a P Cup car. ;)
Here is what I am looking at
Now you know why I'm selling my Boss and GTR
roketman said:
Here is what I am looking at
Now you know why I'm selling my Boss and GTR

Wow, it'd be like driving a museum.

I just want to know what it sounds like.
roketman said:
Here is what I am looking at
Now you know why I'm selling my Boss and GTR

What an opportunity! Yes, please do stay and update.

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