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2013 Boss LS Photos

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One of our members captured these top secret photos of a 2013 pre-production LS. Note the BBP wheels and all weather tires. Could this be roketman's car our for a spin? ;D

badasbullitt said:
Man! That is one sick looking hood. Who makes that and what was the final cost if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks. I got it for cooling which you can see is much needed in that picture :D Tiger Racing makes them in both fiberglass, which I have, and in CF. Fiberglass runs $795 plus roughly $150-$200 for shipping. My body shop charged $600 to prep and paint.
The BBP wheels look a lot better than the stock Boss wheels. I wish they were an option.
The photos are from member jmbboss302. Thanks for grabbing the photos for us!

I want to thank 5 DOT 0 for posting the pictures. I wanted to post them, but didn't have the time this weekend to set anything up to do so. That being said, the car was in a Target parking lot Saturday evening in Woodhaven, Mi., about 3 miles north of AAI. I wanted to get out of my car and get a closer look, but I was short on time. Also, here at work, we have had someone from AAI driving a green Boss the the plant. Everytime time I go to the parking lot, it's gone. When I do finally see it, I will get a good close look at it, and some pics (and the VIN).


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
JonW said:
The BBP wheels look a lot better than the stock Boss wheels. I wish they were an option.
I can't get on-board with that train of thought.

Anyways, if you wanted BBP wheels, I'm sure the dealer would be happy to swap them out for you at delivery.
Thanks for the pictures. Note the end parking spot in the Target parking lot. Then magically, an older Mustang pulls up in the spot in front of the Boss.

Wonder if that was intentional to park at the end spot. I would be very interested in the Green ---- and hopefully it will be a sunny day if you can catch it for pictures.
Went out to AAI yesterday to try to get some shots, but didn't see anything close enough to take a picture. There were a few Bosses, but none had stripes yet. VPC didn't even have much going on either. Better luck next time.

Regular production cars were being lined up for shipping as I had a few cross the drive in front of me. Saw a really good looking Black GT. For GHIG being so disliked on the forums, there were sure alot of them out there. A couple of Bosses, regular, GT's and Verts in GHIG also. I guess the dealers are just ordering for stock.

Since the thefts they had the other day, Security was visible and cruising around the lots. I never really noticed them before. I try again next weekend if I can fit it in my schedule.



adam81 said:
The 2013 is really starting to grow on me..... ???

Me too, especially in School Bus Yellow.

And this one too... Too many great Mustangs to choose from (not a bad problem to have). ;)
adam81 said:
The 2013 is really starting to grow on me..... ???

If I could afford it, I'd have a 2013 LS for track days to keep my 12 company in the garage. But since we are dreaming big anyways, make it an R

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