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2013 Boss Stripes Peeling/Flaking

Is any one having issues with their 2013 Boss 302's stripes peeling or little pieces coming off. I have a 2013 Boss in Race Red and the BOSS stickers on the fenders are peeling and a few little pieces of the thinner strip have come off on the top of the right fender and on the passenger door. Also an air bubble on the stripe behind the passenger door. I bought my Boss used with 7000 miles with these issues. I am going to see if Ford will warranty it.
Mine was a late build (Oct 2012) and my hood stripes were peeling up on the showroom floor. I still haven't gotten it fixed yet, but the repair request was submitted to Ford and approved.
I have a section where the edge of one stripe isn't flat on the top of the driver's fender. It's been like that since new and isn't getting worse so I'm not going to worry about it.
Just an update. Ford finally agreed to re stripe the car after a review of the flaws. It took from around June 1st until yesterday when my car went in for the re-striping. It looks great and I hope they stay on.
I am fighting with the dealership now on this. FOrd says they will fix the thin stripe on the hood, but not the Boss letters on the fenders that are lifting and have been since new. Dealership told me Ford rep says I could have used a powerwasher and created the problem. Give me a break! I have never used a power washer on a vehicle.....ever. Going to work with another dealership and try again.
They tried the same story on me. Must be their one response fits all situations. I think the fact that I also have a 2011 F150 and a 2012 Edge motivated my dealer to really go to bat for me. It took time but worked out for me.
Why anyone would even think of using a power washer on their Boss is beyond me. ::) I've only hand washed mine and got the flaking of the front edge of the hood stripes. Hasn't gotten any worse in a year, but just before the warranty expires I plan on getting them replaced.
You might have already called.....but a phone call to the "regional rep" or some similar title has always worked for me. They had my MT82 torn apart for over 2 weeks for repairs. I finally called FORD and got the full MT82 replacement approved that same day.
Those that have this problem and have not had it repaired yet, some pictures would be great. I'd like to see what to look for.
CooG302 said:
Those that have this problem and have not had it repaired yet, some pictures would be great. I'd like to see what to look for.


These are air bubbles on the left fender(below BOSS 302), little piece missing on left fender, big air bubble on stripe behind passenger door, piece missing on top little stripe on passenger door.

Also had a piece missing on the stripe behind the left rear wheel, top of right fender, passegener door stripe, peeling on little stripe on front bumper cover near hood and both BOSS 302 stripes peeling off.
cobrakidz said:
My right 1/4 has a small piece that "chipped" off, the dealer today said they would not cover it. Any suggestions? Was there a TSB yet?

Mine had serval issues. I spoke to the Ford Warranty rep for my dealer. He looked at the car and said "we need to make this right". About a month later the dealer called and said Ford will fix the car.

If you need just the one piece on the rear 1/4 (and they won't warranty it) you should be able to buy just that section at a reasonable price from your dealer, as the stripes are sold individually by section.

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