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2013 Boss vs 2012 Boss LS

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I put down a refundable deposit on a 2013 Boss from a local dealer with an expected delivery date of June 2012. Now I am wondering if it might be possible to get a 2012 LS at MSRP. Right now there are 34 on Ebay and 15 of them are LS. I would think that when the 2013’s are announced there might be some dealers willing to let a LS go for MSRP. I also heard that the 2013 will start being built in Feb of 2013 so it looks like they may be still building 3rd quarter cars and the highest LS on Ebay is #546.

The L.A. car show opens on Nov. 18th so you won't have long to wait.
I think you're correct, the reality is that the LS isn't selling at the huge premiums that dealers expected. A dealer called me and said they had a 2012 LS coming in end of Nov. - did I want it at MSRP?

Once the 2013 is available, even for summer 2012 delivery, reality should start to rear it's head for the dealers. Frankly, I'm considering placing a deposit on a 2013 instead of taking the 2012. It snows where I live so it will sit in thhe garage until April or May anyway.

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