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2013 focus st3

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some photos of my wife's st3...

Fun as hell to drive!


2012 500A #1626
??? For me to sell my Boss, it would need to translate to something that would otherwise be well out of my range. I want to keep it and drive it almost every day. And the reality is that I'm not ready to buy another daily driver just yet.

But yeh, I like hot-hatches and econoblasters for daily commuting, too. :eek: And this would be my choice. Just looking for feedback from someone with a similar reference point (Boss). I know it's different. Is it still entertaining you and easy to live with?
I guess that might be me then. I have a 2012 boss 302 and just bought a Focus ST st3. Its my daily driver and so far I'm very happy with this hot hatch. Is it comparable to the Boss, no, but it has plenty of power and handles well in fast turns. I've only had it a month so I am still getting use to it and in the last week pushed the limits a bit in fast turns. I also knew when buying the car that I needed another set of tires for the winter as the summer tires and snow are dangerous.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

On another note ford racing is coming out with a tune that will be available this summer. I've read 10-15% power gain and in another online article it will add 45 hp. I may get this depending on price and real results. It will keep the warranty in tact.


Performance Fords
Yeah, totally different from driving the boss but fun as hell none the less. It is a light car and feels like it but has great power. The torque steer takes a bit to get used to but once you are, it drives fun! We took it to Santa Barbara a few weeks ago and the mileage it got was stellar compared to then Freestyle it is replacing. 29mpg and I was on it at times and averaging 80mph. No problems passing slower traffic.

As far as handling, it handles great. A little more bouncy than the mustang but only because it is so light. I like the nav and other goodies that the boss doesn't have. The interior lighting accents are great at night and fun to have a sun roof...

Great car and a nice compliment to the Mustang for everyday driving.. Matter of fact, I wouldn't mind having one myself! Luckily, my wife lets me drive it a lot.

Funny thing, some guy in a VW tried to race her yesterday. Since she hasn't really had a sports car in the past, she just let it go but it's definitely the kind of car that gathers attention!


Theory of 1
I love mine. It is tuxedo black. again is it as "wow" factor as the Boss? No. Not at all. Does it put a smile on my face, yupper. Way better to drive more fun torquey for what it's worth, makes my Ranger just...sad. I loved that truck been through hell and back with it not one issue. This car. Worth it! Plus Tuxedo Black is sneaky.

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