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2013 Laguna Seca colour scheme question

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I have a question on the colour scheme for a 2013 Laguna Seca.

The grey accents are on the wheels, rear spoiler, front grill and mirror caps....what about the front splitter, is it black or grey as well?? Do I have this correctly? I am painting these pieces and changing the BOSS stripe to LS stripe - personal preference and LS not available in Canada.

Appreciate your help!
I own a 2013 black LS. It has a black front spoiler. I have not intalled the splitter but it is black as well.

Have you already painted your wheels? I order a spare set in black because they were a fraction of the price of the grey wheels. I hadn't considered getting them painted.
Thanks for the info, I wonder if the colours are the same for SBY LS?? I ordered the black accent wheels (you're right, a fraction of the cost) and am having them sanded down and powder coated for $100 a wheel.
The color is sterling gray the same color as used on the body of other Mustangs. Interesting about powder coating them. I'm thinking of buying a set of the black 302S wheels and painting them either the sterling gray or maybe just gunmetal.

So what we're going to have another Laguna Feca? That will make three. ;)

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