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2013 Pre-production GHIG photos

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I came across PP0002 tonight and was able to get some photos. This color is so much better seeing it in person! The car was built in December and it already has almost 12,000 miles on it. No Recaro's. And I did get the VIN.

Nice. I really want to like the Lamborghini green and think it will look better in person. To my thinking you had Lambo yellow (YB) for 2012 and Lambo green (GHIG) for 2013. ;)
Is the serial number on the manifold labeled as being preproduction, or is it a regular number?

And I agree on the color, saw one at the auto show very nice especially in Boss trim.


Kerry, San Diego
I have not seen a 2013 in the flesh but the tailights look like a halloween pumpkin's teeth backlit by a candle. diss to those who have a 2013 on order-I DO like some of the colors that are only offered on the 2013 model.
askjeffro said:
Is the serial number on the manifold labeled as being preproduction, or is it a regular number?

And I agree on the color, saw one at the auto show very nice especially in Boss trim.

Because the car is a pre-production Boss, the number on the manifold plate is "PP 0002".


SUPRMN said:
Still looks like a Shelby to me from the front, not a fan! However, those getting a 2013....your getting a hell of a car!!

In my opinion the shelby front end looks waaay better! Like hungry mouth eating asphalt. Bad ass.
But then again, people hated the new mustang look who bought the previous models too.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
All I can say is I'm very happy now the 2012 design is unique. I'll probably be happier 20 years from now ;D


I never get tired of driving it!
I think both are different and great. I know I was not a big fan of the red on the LS models, but it has grown on me. I think over time both will be appreciated for both design and color options. With only 1500 LS's and 6500 Standard Boss' we will be in a very unique club. ;D
Sorry, haven't seen a GHIG photo yet that made me like the color. I'm doubting even seeing it in person will change my mind. Isn't for me. But, I will say it will sure get you noticed! I'm thinking the actual color is somewhat close to the green the Chargers have used.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I think the front end looks like a catfish. I like the color though. glad there are more options out there. I wish they would have offered GB for the 12's and gave us an ipod hook up not just a input jack
In terms of colors schemes the 2013 Black and Silver LS beats them all. Ihave been to every ford show in LA, PA, IL and MI. The 13 Black and silver LS looks like a totally different car the lines are far more prominent. Google 2013 Black Laguna Seca and hit images. Ford released pictures of one on its side. I order a yellow and silver then my future wife talked me into the black and silver. When I saw it in person I was so glad I went with that color scheme.. Especially since it not going to be a daily driver at all just another Mustang to add to my stable.


Everyone's entitled to my opinion. ;)
The front of the 2013 Boss looks like the alien ass stomping machine in the movie War of the Worlds. You know - the machine Tom Cruise was running away from througout the movie. I plan on putting tenacles on my Boss when it arrives just like the movie.

VA Boss
13 looks like it is doing the FB duckface to me. But I don't like the similar front ends on the Audis, Mitsus, etc either. The way the hood doesn't go all the way to the front is another modern style that I don't like. That black LS looks really good though, if I was getting a 13 that would be the color.

The black LS is my favorite 12 too, but I couldn't find one locally and to order they wanted way too much markup. I made the mistake of passing on one that a friend of a friend offered for minimal markup. The back seats in my regular Boss have actually been pretty useful so far with my nephews though.

The green I will have to see in person, it looks really bad in some pics and ok in others. I don't think I would want one even if it looks good just because I am not a bright color kind of guy.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
hate to say it but I hated the look of the 2010's and the 11-12's when they came out but they grew on me I am betting that the 13's will as well. I do like the back ends the front...just cant get the cat fish face out of my head when I see it. I like the hoods with the heat extractor vents

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