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2013 Race Red #1070

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FINALLY, after the long wait with one dealer (12 weeks) who still doesn't know when the car will show up, I will have my Race Red BOSS 302 #1070 tomorrow through another dealer (about 2 hours away). Financing is all done, all I need to do is drive up there with the trailer and sign the papers and pick it up.

Purchased for Sticker (MSRP), they wouldn't budge any lower, but in the end, I still got my payment lower than what I was expecting with the APR. (Still might try to refinance with a lower APR), but 3.4% is still pretty darn good I think.

Not sure I will get much sleep tonight, Dealer already took the shipping stickers off, but I didn't tell them not to, so its not a big deal.

All I have right now is a few snapshots the dealer sent, but I will post "Real Photos" as soon as I get it home and cleaned up.

A HUGE thanks to Mark for all the tracking info he provided during this long wait.
Congratulations, wait until you drive it! ;)

BTW your number is very close to mine. Mine is 1049 and I took delivery on 7/15/11.
Congrats! 13s are beautiful in red. And it is the fastest color... in fact the white ones were actually red to begin with but they were so fast the color couldn't stick ;)

Post up some pics when you pic her up.
Picked up the BOSS today, but no pics, it was pouring rain, so we just loaded it in the trailer and drove the 2.5 hours back, it wasn't raining at the house when we got back, but after putting it in the garage I saw how dirty it was from just the little rain it got on it, and the dealer didn't detail it, so I got some work to do...

once thing I did notice is that I was revving it hear the engine the sound and it didn't seem like it was getting full throttle, The dealer said they took it out of transport mode, but it doesn't feel like it revving the engine, Tomorrow I take to the shop to get the louvers installed and plates taken out...

Only killed it once so far pulling it into the garage, not bad for not driving a Manual Tranny for 10 years.. LOL

Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself tomorrow on the way to the shop...LOL

Pics will be coming as soon as I get her cleaned up a bit...

Here is a quick Snapshot with my phone:
Was wondering how the heck I would get my Rear window louver in the car to take to get it installed, but thankfully both seats fold down, so problem solved!

Now to get my old iPhone4 (now and iPod) loaded up with music and put in the car, and then to sync my iPhone4s to the car so I can make calls, etc...

I assume most of you use the Apple Charging USB-Dock cable to connect your iPod/iPhone to the car? I didn't see an Aux-Headphone jack like in most cars I am used to...


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
The aux in headphone jack is in the console to the left of the USB jack. Congrats on the Race Red! Love mine!!
rpm3dinc said:
So you connect through the Aux Port or the USB port for the iPod/iPhone?

If you just want to play music and control fom the phone use Aux In. If you want to use Sync hands free and voice commands use the USB ith the Apple supplied cable.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Plug your ipod/iphone into the USB port with your apple cable. You hit the AUX button on the dashboard, and then you rotate the right knob on your dash to select Media Source, then USB, then press OK on that right knob. The first time Sync makes the connection to your device it will say "Initializing", and when done you can then use that right knob once again to go through the Play Menu, all, albums, artists, etc.. Takes a while to get used to how the system should be used, but once you get the hang of it, works pretty well.
Thanks guys! Here are a couple of photos:

Installed the Rear-Window Louver today and took out the Exhaust plates, Sounds SO MUCH BETTER NOW!



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