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2013 tpms sensor ford part number

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I did see that thread , I see quite a few listing these two part numbers 9L3Z-1A189-A , 9L3T-1A180-A , I believe the part number with the Z is the mustang part number and T is the truck sensor.
I know ford did use a Z on the part numbers for a lot of the mustang parts in the 80's-90's and T for the truck parts , do they still do that ? that Z was in a lot of the engineering numbers back in the day , I just want to buy a set of the sensors that are the same part number as whats in the car now .
93 cobra this is what I was talking about , , it doesn't look like they use this system any more . also the model is the 3rd not the 4th digit, its hell to get old , lol
Whatever you do don't buy new ones, buy the take offs on ebay. You'll save a bunch of money and they work fine. You can split the savings with me. ;)
This sure seems like it might be a trap , shame on you guys for trying to take advantage of us post count challenged members of BOSS mustangs online ! , your sentence for such bad behavior is hard track time , to the extent that you have cords showing on your tires and rubber caked on your quarters , and your probation will be 0 degree neg camber for 1 year !
you are correct, that was the numbering system used up until 1998. Beginning in 1999 they changed the prefix number system to only have one digit for the year instead of 2.For example, a 1993 mustang part number would have a prefix of F3ZZ (F=1990s 3=year 3 Z=mustang Z=service parts.....and a 2003 mustang part would have a prefix of 3R3Z (3=2003 R3= mustang Z= service parts. Most Boss 302 prefixes are CR3Z or DR3Z (2012 and 2013 mustangs) also note that the year indicator in the part number is also what the year indicator is in the VIN. so most 1999 parts have an X 2000 have a Y and 2001 has a 1. 1999 mustang XR3Z 2000 mustang YR3Z 2001 mustang is actually makes more sense the way they do it now. think of in 1996, the prefix for truck parts would be F6TZ..that could mean F150, F250,F350,BRONCO, its set up so you can roughly determine what it goes to because the 2 middle numbers in prefix are different for each vehicle.

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