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2015 Mustang GT First Test

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Not the greatest article but you get some numbers…not really that impressed although this one is completely optioned out so it's pretty heavy.

Let the critiques begin
I've read thru several tests from various publications and online sites. Overall, not impressed with performance. We shall reserve judgement for some honest (if possible) track test numbers against the current competition. I feel at the moment, with the information that I have at hand, that yes...the BOSS is still the BOSS and those that pined over their 2015 GT PP would have been better served to purchase a car developed years earlier, but nevertheless is timeless and still FASTER
The BOSS is still BOSS. Just like the 2000 Cobra R is still badass so will the BOSS years from now.

With that said the new Mustang is a nice step forward and Ford will sell a lot of them. Check the latest details for the GT350 Mustang at the link below. There was some news on it today too as it made it's first unclothed appearance in Las Vegas yesterday. ;)
I am not worried about my solid rear. If a street is too rough for a solid rear to handle then you are driving too fast. And if a track is that rough then I would question running on it at all. So as far as I am concerned the IRS just costs more money and allows me to drive like an ass with an open cup of coffee and a puggle in my lap. Don't laugh, I have seen that...

A while ago Ford promised that you could still order a live axle for the 2015. Is this true for a dealer-bought GT or do you have to order a shell for building a race car?

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