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2015 Pirelli World Challenge Sonoma Grand Prix

Is anyone else going to the race next weekend? My son and I will be there mid morning Saturday and stay through the last race last that afternoon. I think @Polaristxguy will be there and Rob @blacksheep-1 should be there working the tires for Phoenix Performance Racing. Filip from @CorteX Racing should be there with Rehagan Racing.

@Black Boss

The points from MMP aren't out yet but it will be interesting to see if AJ, Kurt or Dean can lock up the championship next weekend. It should be a lock for Ford and a great way for the Boss 302 to finish it's racing career before the GT350 takes over.

Live streaming can be found here:


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From the sounds of what the Mustang teams were saying at Miller, there isn't going to be much of a shot at a Ford championship in PWC this year. New "Balance of Performance" stuff released at MMP and the Mustangs were just "also ran". :(
With The 4th and 6th finishes this weekend Ford clinched the Manufacturers championship!

That's #2 for the Boss 302S!!!
mwilson7 said:
With The 4th and 6th finishes this weekend Ford clinched the Manufacturers championship!

That's #2 for the Boss 302S!!!
I was there yesterday and that's great news. What a great way to end the run of the BOSS 302! The two Camaro Z/28's ran away from the field like they had an extra 100 HP. At least AJ moved up to 4th after the Kia's held him up for the first half of the race. Once past them they quickly disappeared into his rear view mirror. AJ, Kurt and Dean are going to have a tough time catching Cooper unless they rein in that Z/28.

I have a few photos I'll post later. Ran into Tri-Bar and was hanging out with Polaristxguy after our GT350 drives on Friday at Track Tour Laguna Seca.



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They are letting the Z28s have their run again after Phoenix and Dean put a hurtin on the field earlier in the year. With the GT 350s or 2016 GTs coming next year a new set of BOPs will need to happen. Healthy for the series they say.
Yup, It was very nice to see VooDoo there too. My day was made when I got to lend a very small hand to help fix the #35 Boss 302s of Calvert's. The driver side end link mount on the old AST that just happened to have on his back up car came apart and snapped off. Happened during that mornings qualifying. It was repaired and made it out before the race, was a good day.

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