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2018 S550 hood bulge problem at speed.

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
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Santiago, Chile
My friends 2018 S550 had a bit of a fright the other day when he took the car up to 240km/hr.. He was some what put off by a massive amount of hood bulge, said the sides of the hood were deforming well over a centimeter !! Other fellows with 2015's don't seem to have this problem. Has any one else had this?? And any solutions?

Also noticed that the 2018 hood is way way heavier then my 2012 Boss hood.


Ancient Racer
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halfway between Mosport and Shannonville
They flutter around a lot, at least mine did, but it never appeared to deform like you describe. I got rid of the lights and put vents in there and that helped, as did some more foam tape sealing across the top of the headlights and down the sides at the front. Still get some shake at high speed but nowhere near as bad.

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