2019 Mustang Roundup - solid discounts!!!!!

Discussion in 'Track Days, Car Shows and Gatherings' started by Bill Pemberton, Nov 21, 2018.

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    Unfortunately that would not be an option,since we actually have quite a few Instructors , and in the past if someone was running that was not in a Mustang , it was usually another Ford. It has always been an event where a ton of track time was important, and everyone is timed, so most folks even run for trophies. We have enough classes for Mustangs , and we do not want to deprive any Stang owner the ability to enter by having other makes in the mix. There is a Viper Event run the same way that occurs there in June, and another for Corvettes and Camaros too. Sorry , and sure doesn't hurt to ask, but it is a Ford Love In with the Ford guys from Dearborn, and even the Car Show is all Mustang. As noted, prior, it was actually super rare to have another Ford show up, but we did allow in the past, the problem now is it has become a " Bucket List " Mustang event so virtually nothing else shows up anymore.

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